CDS Protocol Finder

Finder of CDS protocols for diseases.

The cds protocol finder allows you to locate a disease so that you can find the best combination of treatments yourself.

In recent months we have attended a thousand queries regarding the use of Chlorine Dioxide,this experience has served as inspiration to create the CDS protocol finder.

Locate a disease in the table and open the combined protocols tab where it is explained in a simple way how they are taken and combined.

Combinable protocol tabs.

Chlorine dioxide CLO2. combined protocol finder

Complete list of CDS combined protocols.

Discover the best combinations of CDS protocols to increase the effectiveness of chlorine dioxide in the treatment of diseases.

With this table you will know how to successfully combine the CDS protocols.

The CDS protocol finder of shows in a clear and simple way the possible combinations of chlorine dioxide to treat each type of disease.

With the CDS protocol search engine you will find the right treatment with a

CDS (Chlorine Dioxide) protocol finder
DiseasesCDS protocols
Abscess, boil
Hemorrhoids, lunches
Mouth tie
rheumatoid arthritis
Cálculo renal
Rectal colon cancer
Esophageal cancer
Stomach cancer
Liver cancer
Tongue cancer
Breast cancer
Ovarian cancer
Prostate cancer (prostate)
Lung cancer
Bladder cancer
Bone cancer
Pancreatic cancer
Kidney cancer
Thyroid cancer
Uterine cancer
Hepatic cirrhosis
Ulcerative colitis
Dengue virus DENV
Atopic dermatitis
Erectile dysfunction
Ebola virus
Crohn's disease
Lyme's desease
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease EPOC
Autoimmune diseases
Skin rashes
Escherichia coli
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis ALS (Lou Gehrig)
Multiple sclerosis
Vesicular stomatitis
Cystic fibrosis
Typhoid fever
Anal fistula
Stomach flu
Post-streptococcal Glomerulonephritis
Gonorrhea STI
Arterial hypertension
Fungi - mycosis
Congestive heart failure
Renal insufficiency
Renal ischemia reperfusion
Cutaneous leishmaniasis
Lichen sclerosus atrophicus
Heavy metals
Pneumonia - pneumonia
Osteomyelitis (caused by MRSA)
Athlete's foot
Gastroesophageal reflux
Common cold
Allergic rhinitis
MRSA - Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
Sjogren's syndrome
Bipolar disorder
Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)
Venous thrombosis
Diabetic vascular ulcers
Peptic ulcers (Helicobacter)
Bacterial vaginosis
Varicose veins
Viral warts
Chikungunya virus
Human papillomavirus HPV
EBV epstein-barr virus (Cytomegalovirus)


Notes and tips on using the CDS.

How to take CDS in a clear and simple way, guiding rules on the use of Chlorine Dioxide CLO2

90% of diseases are treated with protocol C, alone or combined with enemas, topical treatments, rinses, baths.

If you do not find your disease in this CDS protocol finder, , apply these basic tips:

  • Diseases of viral origin, take small amounts many times a day.
  • Diseases of bacterial origin, large doses and rarely a day..
  • Neutralize fungi, deworming is recommended and repeated doses until their elimination.
  • Eliminate parasites, high doses for at least 7 days or intense deworming.
  • Remove heavy metals, take doses every hour for 1 to 3 months.
  • Intoxications, low doses every 15 minutes until improving.

General recommendations on chlorine dioxide.

  • Inhalation of chlorine dioxide "CDS gas" is toxic..

Prepare doses in ventilated spaces.

  • Chlorine dioxide taken in small amounts does nothing, but in large quantities it has side effects.

Adapt the doses to the state and volume of your body to be effective.

  • The duration of each protocol depends on the amount taken and the disease to be treated and the state of the organism.
  • Chlorine dioxide leaves no residue in the body.
  • CDS in small doses can be taken for long periods.

Two ways to rest:

Every 21 days rest 1 week to take foods with vitamin C and antioxidants.

Every 2 weeks rest 2 days to vitamin.

  • To eliminate the symptoms of excess CDS such as vomiting or diarrhea, just take vitamin C or baking soda, these act as inhibitors. Reduce the dose and follow the protocol.
  • If you are very sick take very small doses and you see it gradually increasing.
  • When taking CLO2 some people experience the symptoms of a cold, it is because there are germs that get trapped in the dry mucus of the nose and the CDS releases them.
  • With hypertension, diabetes and chronic diseases when taking CDS there is usually improvement and the medication must be reviewed.
  • Chlorine dioxide CLO2 is used worldwide as a water purifier..

Medicines incompatible with CDS.

Chlorine dioxide is incompatible with blood thinners.

Blood thinners, most common anticoagulants:

  • aspirin
  • atorvastatin
  • clopidogrel
  • heparin
  • warfarin

We hope that our CDS PROTOCOL FINDER has been useful.
Tell us about your experience, we appreciate suggestions.

Teresa Forcades i Vila

Salud prohibida Andreas Ludwig Kalcker

Jim Humble MMS

A simple way to manufacture CDS, Esther Quesada

atención Disclaimer
The information published on this site is not intended to supplant the consultation and prescription of medicines of a doctor.
The content of is not intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment.

15 thoughts on “CDS Protocol Finder”

  1. Hi there,
    I’m familiar with both CDS and DMSO. I make my own Chlorine Dioxide [23%] and HCL [5%]activator. I have stable angina and I was searching to see if I could find a CDS&DMSO protocol to treat the condition and my search led me here. I my search in vain? I can’t seem to find anything useful.

  2. CDS and metal implants in body?

    I can’t find any information about taking Chlorine Dioxide when a person has metal/titanium implants in the body.

    Since CD is highly corrosive on normal metals except titanium, could you please direct me to an article explaining the safety of taking CD for a person with implants?

    I know titanium is used in ClO2 generators so I’m assuming that it’s the same with titanium in the body but I want to be sure.

    • Hello Claus:
      Regarding the doubt, I have been looking for information, in Andreas Kalcker’s books it is mentioned that CDS oxidises metals, but he is asked if having a metallic valve in the heart one could take CDS and he explains the case of a person with this valve who takes a dose between 6 to 8 activated drops of MMS without negative effects.
      He was also asked if with a titanium knee prosthesis, and was told that it had no effect.
      Another doubt that is raised is with mercury fillings in the mouth and it is also said that it does not affect although it is recommended to change them for other less polluting fillings.
      Depending on the disease to be treated, other alternatives can be used such as sea water, colloidal silver, pine resin if you are not entirely sure about using CDS or MMS with implants.
      Best regards,

  3. Dear EC, Can CDS be used intravenously for someone on a drip in hospital? If so, would one just add the quantity of CDS to the drip solution according to protocols? Is there an Emergency use guide available?

    I’m thinking about helping someone who’s life is at risk after having taken the COVID19 vaccine. Thanks for your advice!

    • Hi Margaret:
      It is complicated that you can do it without medical supervision, an intravenous CDS protocol is detailed in the book by andreas Kalcker, but it is advised to be done by an expert, you should look for a doctor or healthcare worker who works with CDS in the hospital, if you wish I can mail you the protocol extracted from the book.


  4. Dear EC, NAC (N Acetyl Cysteine), a natural supplement, I understand is a blood thinner. Do you believe NAC should not be taken with CDS?

    • Hello Margaret,
      you should not mix anticoagulants with CDS as both fluidize the blood, if you take the n-acetyl cysteine it is better to separate the intake with CDS and control with medical checkups to avoid bleeding, another option start with CDS and leave the medicine for 21 days and control with medical checkups how the body evolves and if it works well you can keep with only CDS.


  5. Is it possible to use distilled water if not adding to them salt magnesium citrate/sulfate one of them or in combination will help remineralize to dilute the cds or is it not necessary and if so there is no concern of tap water or filtered water? And the diluted cds bottle can be plastic and not have to be glass?

    Thank you.

    • Hello Adam
      To prepare the CDS the ideal is to do it with mineral water and not tap water that may contain too many chemicals, some use distilled water in some cases, but a bottled mineral water is perfect.
      What is usually added to the preparation of CDS is a little sea water, as it increases the properties of CDS in the body, sea water has the same composition as the plasma and helps to regenerate and nourish cells.
      The mother CDS, it is recommended to keep it in opaque glass bottle in the refrigerator, but the preparation to take during the day can go in a plastic bottle that facilitates its transport and as it should be consumed during the day there is no danger of losing properties if kept away from heat sources or direct sunlight.


  6. I’ve been doing the protocol for rheumatoid arthritis for 3 weeks. I just read that it’s changes your count if you are on blood thinners. What exactly does that mean? I’m on eliquis for afib. I’ve noticed an improvement in the arthritis. Is it still safe to do the protocol?

    • Hello Patti
      CDS fluidizes the blood, it is not recommended to combine with anticoagulants to prevent the blood from being too fluid, you can stop taking the anticoagulant while taking CDS and check with regular medical checkups if all is well, glad it is working for you for arthritis.

  7. Thank you for providing this information. I first found out about MMS & later CDS about 6 or 7 years ago.
    I have a skin condition that my doctors wont lest because I don’t have a rash or sores.
    They labeled me delusional now I can’t get help from any doctor.
    So I tried to determine what it could be with internet searches.
    I purchased MMS and tried it, it seemed to be working.

    I did find a Doctor who diagnosed me with Demodex folliculitis and gave me Ivermectin and it was completely gone for a week, Then my scalp started itching again.
    BTW this Doctor didn’t ‘ do any lab work but looked at my skin with magnifying glass. After years of no actual lab diagnoses I am still really suffering. I am guessing here but I think I do have either a parasite or a fungal infection that has infested my whole body and ruined my life.

    If you are aware of anyone in SF Bay area, California for me to get some help please contact me.

    Thank you.


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