The cure with sea water

Dr. Maria Teresa Ilari

Internist, homeopath and floral therapist.

Seawater prescriber and international lecturer on the subject.

Director of the Santo Domingo Clinic where she has been practicing since 2010 based on the Germanic New Medicine and the 5 Biological Laws discovered by Dr. Hamer.

He has given training in different fields of Integrative Medicine, both at medical and university teaching levels, as well as at the popular level at the School of Patients and talks in different neighborhoods and municipalities of the country, as well as in other Latin American countries.

The Healing History of Seawater

In China 4000 years ago the first emperor discovered the healing effects of seawater, they built pure seawater pools for bathing and treating diseases.

Platón said “ seawater cures all the ills of men”.

Romans used seawater for therapeutic purposes for bathing and clearing the airways.

Greeks used thalassotherapy (Thalassa-sea and Therapia-tramiento) using seawater as therapy along with sand, algae, mud and sea breeze.

Russians in the former Soviet Union had a government obligation, one week a year to make the famous marine cure to minimize expenses in public health.

Native to Latin American countries, they were cured with seawater.

René Quintón came to that conclusion and based his studies on demonstrating the properties of seawater to the world, healed many malnourished children, cured very sick people, his first experiments were with sick dogs and soon began to work with great success with patients.

Nicaragua, alternative medicine hospitals

Nicaragua, a pioneer country in alternative medicine hospitals.

In January 2011 they passed a national law number 774 on natural medicine, natural therapies and healing plants, floral therapy, seawater therapy and Germanic medicine. Based on biological realities of nature.

The healing power of seawater is well known in Latin America.

In Nicaragua it is collected by the government itself to redistribute it through all the marine dispensary points of the country includes it as a national health program and it itself promotes its therapeutic use and distributes it at no cost among all citizens within the alternative health centers that the government builds as well as builds general medicine hospitals as a right of the Nicaraguan people.

There are currently 117 natural medicine centers with a project to grow to 170 and here doctors and nurses are trained in alternative therapies.

Clinical experiences with Seawater

Nicaragua, Clinical experience with sea water.

The intake of 500 ml of seawater per day has contributed to cure:

  • Diabetes.
  • Insomnia.
  • Allergies and rhinitis.
  • Multiple sclerosis.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Wounds and burns.
  • Constipation and hemorrhoids.
  • Cirrhosis and liver diseases.
  • Asthma and respiratory diseases.
  • Gastritis and ulcero-peptic diseases.
  • Cancer in the process of being cured without radiation or chemotherapy.

René Quintón

Physiologist René Quintón (1866 - 1925)

In his masterpiece, Seawater, Organic Medium, published in 1904, he expounded the Laws of Thermal, Osmotic and Marine Constancy, concluding that our internal environment is literally seawater.

In 1943 René Quintón's plasma was registered in France as a drinkable, injectable and topical drug at a concentration of 9 grams of salts per liter.

In World War I many wounded were treated on the high seas with seawater because they did not have blood for transfusions.

After World War II pharmaceutical companies made their appearance with force and the use of seawater would be lost until it disappeared and remained only as a food supplement from 1993.

Rene Quinton patients recovered with seawater

Healing Benefits of Seawater

In seawater are 98 minerals and elements of the periodic table, in short, it can contain everything that exists on earth.

  • The best cooking salt
  • Wound healing
  • Bowel cleanser
  • The improves water to hydrate
  • Calms appetite and regulates weight
  • The best alkalization of the body
  • Perfect for dehydrated bodies
  • Provides nutrition directly to the cells
  • Perfect food to recover malnourished children
  • Relieves stomach heaviness and digestive disorders
  • Oral disinfectant being an ally to fight cavities, infections…

Applied with great success in numerous diseases including kidney and especially serious as cancer in very advanced stages.

How to start taking Seawater

  • Take a small amount pure or isotonic, to see the reaction of the body, repeat several times during the day.
  • Control the amount so as not to have diarrhea (depurative and healthy).
  • Get used to it as a habit little by little so as not to generate rejection (delicious mixed with juices, infusions, lemonades ...)
  • In sick people, 500 ml of seawater per day is recommended
  • In healthy people a shot on an empty stomach with water or natural juice, more cooking with sea water, in salads ...

If we ingest seawater on a regular basis, our hormonal and immune system will have all the variety of elements necessary for its healthy maintenance.

Other uses and applications of Seawater

  • Topical route in skin or nasal mucosa.
  • Douching for infections.
  • Enemas for intestinal cleansings.
  • Eye drops for eye diseases.
  • Drops for ear disorders and infections.
  • Intravenous injection only suitable for specialists.
  • Mouthwashes to treat the mouth, cavities, inflammations, hygiene.

How to stock up on sea water

  • Choose open sea and rocky coast, but if there is a beach with no buildings nearby, no drains, the water is reliable.
  • If the waters are not stirred, there is no bad smell or sight of polluting particles is trusted water to supply us.
  • On some beaches chemistry and analysis are marked by flags, you may ask.
  • In rocky areas the water is quite worked and can be taken from the surface, but enter the water up to a height of the shoulders with the container between the knees, open the plug fill and cover.
  • We already have seawater to be consumed.
  • It is stored in a place that does not have direct sun or intense light.
  • Use it daily to cook, drink, heal, wash vegetables and fruits etc ...

Buy seawater online

Sea water is very easy to get on the internet, you can buy it in herbalists and specialized stores.






Myths of Sea water

  • It is harmful to the kidneys:

Dr. René Quintón studied the effect it caused on the kidneys being beneficial, testimonies of cure of chronic renal failure are collected, seawater helps drain the kidneys doubling their function of cleaning lymph.

  • Harmful to hypertensive or cardiac patients:

90% of patients with these pathologies end up leaving the medication, it is the best blood pressure controller and improves cardiac function.

  • Drinking seawater kills:

Scientific volunteers spent 7 days at sea drinking only seawater, in small sips and mixing with the outlet and it was shown that they maintained all normal biochemical parameters, energy and only loss of body fat was observed.

  • Drink sea water with poop and pipi from bathers:

The same osmosis kills all organic microbes by plankton biocenosis. (Miami disaster in June 2000).

The cure with sea water is a content exposed in the conference Is cancer an emotional disease?

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