Fruit combination

The perfect fruit combination.

All about the combination of fruits, perfect and healthy food.

Fruit is a living food capable of regenerating and hydrating cells, so why don't they advertise in its favor?

The fruit is too cheap to do business with, so it is better to transform it, remove its nutritional properties and offer it in the form of industrial juices, cakes, jams, creams, ice cream, fruit packaged with sugar etc.

Eating fruit has many advantages and benefits for the human body.

The benefits of eating fruit:

  • Purifies
  • Detoxifies
  • Provides energy
  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Regulates cholesterol
  • Provides antioxidants
  • Promotes digestion
  • Hydrates at the cellular level
  • Prevents diseases
  • Fights constipation
  • Relieves fluid retention

They are the best food with many benefits that we can offer our body, a food full of vitamins, minerals and easily digestible, they also provide enzymes, fibers and acids that cleanse of toxins and waste accumulated in the intestines.

Fruit is the only perfect natural food full of vitamins, nutrients, sugars and essential amino acids to feed every last cell of our body.

Infographic on the combination of fruits.

How to combine fruits properly

combinacion de frutas saludables

Healthy tips you should know


  • The fruits must be consumed at their right point of ripeness, it is noticeable by the smell it gives off and the somewhat soft touch are optimal for digestion and full of nutrients.
  • Better to choose seasonal and local fruits to avoid buying and consuming the one that was collected green from the tree to support transport and storage for distribution.
  • Raising the consumption of whole pieces and natural smoothies of fruit can counteract the chemicals and toxins of cooked or fried foods.
  • The fruit does not make you fat, what increases obesity is to combine it badly, creating fermentation, mixing it with flours, dairy, fats or sweetening them with sugar (Peach or pineapple in syrup, cream with strawberries, fried bananas with caramel ...)
  • The fruit should be eaten half an hour before meals or wait for digestion to pass to avoid fermentations that invalidate nutrients.
  • Avocados contain more protein than milk, do not combine with other proteins, it does combine with acidic fruits, but not with sweets.


  • Overripe fruits are indigestible because they have begun the process of fermenting their sugars.
  • Green fruits contain starch and acids that make them indigestible.
  • If we keep it in the refrigerator, the ripening chain is broken and it loses many properties.
  • Consuming it as a dessert can generate gas and indigestion.

How to eat fruit in a healthy way

When the fruit is combined with other foods, a fermentation is generated that causes symptoms very similar to having ingested alcohol, the mixture also gives rise to heavy digestions, a feeling of swelling and heaviness and the benefits are reduced.

For breakfasts it is better to consume acidic fruits as they stimulate metabolism and activate liver cells and have a cleansing effect on the blood, their digestion time is reduced by 20 to 30 minutes. (Pineapple, orange, tangerine, mango, lemon, guava, strawberry)

Before taking lunch at noon, fruits that provide us with good fat and proteins such as avocado, almonds, walnuts should be consumed. As a dessert you can replace it with a digestive infusion such as chamomile, thyme, oregano.

Before dinner consume sweet fruits such as papaya, banana, apple, pear, persimmon ...

You can opt for juices, smoothies or smoothies of whole pieces respecting the appropriate combinations, if you drink them on an empty stomach they will also bring you numerous benefits.

Juices are healthy but they must be homemade and do not replace whole fruits, fibers that metabolize sugar slower are dispensed with and although they have other health benefits should not be abused.

The best combination of fruits

How to combine fruits well

Like other foods, fruits should be well combined to avoid digestive problems.

On the net you can find many recipes for smoothies or smoothies that combine fruit and vegetables, only the apple could be combined with green leafy vegetables.

Avoid these combinations:

  • Pineapple and orange are recommended to eat alone, they can lead to headaches or flatulence.
  • You should not combine orange and lemon produce gastritis.
  • Papaya and pitahaya together cause diarrhea.
  • Do not mix banana and melon are very caloric.
  • Plum and pear, combined provide a lot of fructose, not recommended for diabetics.
  • Lemon with salt for salad dressing can lower red blood cells.
  • You should not take more than 3 fruits at a time, to avoid overloading digestion and affecting health.
  • Acidic fruits after noon can generate heartburn.

Watermelon and melon are essential to be consumed alone, watermelon for example, when oxidized with oxygen produces arsenic that mixed with other foods can make it invade our body attacking the heart.

Melon is very healthy and effective to stimulate the digestive system and purify it, it is better to consume it before breakfast, if it is consumed it only has a digestion of 30 minutes and has an internal washing effect, at noon and at night its consumption is not recommended.

Apples and pears are considered wildcard fruits, they combine well with most fruits and foods.

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