Interview Adrián Salgado from the web tuplatacoloidal

adrian salgado experto en plata coloidal

Today we talk with Adrián Salgado, expert in colloidal silver and administrator of, with more than 11 years of research on colloidal silver, on his page he collects very interesting data about this product, benefits and applications. Its website also provides many testimonials that talk about the results of taking colloidal silver to treat … Read more

How to deworm with pine resin

The use of pine turpentine (terebintine) is effective in creating a hostile environment in which parasites such as Candida, Helicobacter, Guardia and many other parasites that inhabit the human organism, have to go outside. It is important to maintain good intestinal hygiene before starting the process to avoid that old accumulations of feces can prevent … Read more

Pine resin how to take

The medical use of natural pine resin vwill be determined by the ailment we wish to treat. For example, in cases of skin diseases or rheumatism, it will be enough to apply it in the desired area and in the proportion indicated. For another type of pain such as asthma use it as an expectorant, … Read more

The cure with sea water

Dr. Maria Teresa Ilari Internist, homeopath and floral therapist. Seawater prescriber and international lecturer on the subject. Director of the Santo Domingo Clinic where she has been practicing since 2010 based on the Germanic New Medicine and the 5 Biological Laws discovered by Dr. Hamer. He has given training in different fields of Integrative Medicine, … Read more

Everything you need to know about Ormus

Also called “monatomic gold”, Ormus is a superconductor that is obtained directly from minerals found in seawater, through a process in which all minerals precipitate, thus achieving a high concentration of these. In the process of extracting monatomic gold there are non-visible materials, which pass from the fifth to the third dimension, and can be … Read more

Coconut oil against COVID-19

The possibility is being considered that the coconut oil so used by Filipinos in their gastronomy makes the coronavirus away. In 2003 China suffered a coronavirus (SARS) with 7,000 people infected and 600 deaths recorded, when all this was happening, its Filipino neighbors barely registered 14 cases of this SARS. Today we can verify in … Read more

Work stress

Overwork is the leading cause of stress in workers Stress is a biological response to ensure the survival of each individual, activates the person to respond to a threat. The brain detects through thought an emergency situation, and activates a protocol to deal with the threat, symptoms such as; Increased heart rate Increases muscle tone Rapids … Read more

Happiness is a state

Happiness is a state that is lived, therefore we must stop looking outside as if it were a good that we can buy or acquire, happiness is in accepting what and who we are, where we live and everything we have. Next Thursday, July 30, 2020 on Radio Promocion XXI in the program “medicine for all” at … Read more

The Shame Vaccine, COVID-19

THE VACCINE OF SHAME The article The Vaccine of Shame captures the conversation of two French doctors who speculate about testing for a possible COVID-19 vaccine in people in Africa as has already been done on other occasions with other vaccines, such as AIDS HIV. They choose third world countries to test with vaccines because they can do it … Read more