CDS protocols A through Z

Recommendations on the use of CDS CLO2 protocols

Guide to taking the CDS protocol.

Andreas Kalcker chlorine dioxide acts as an oxidant and has the ability to eliminate viruses, bacteria and heavy metals accumulated in the body, its main characteristic is that it provides a large amount of oxygen to the blood.

How to take the CDS?

The Chlorine Dioxide Solution is obtained from a gas that is captured in water, the steam activating sodium chlorite with hydrochloric acid in equal parts. This gas should be kept in a dark glass bottle or hdpe plastic container and refrigerated to prevent it from evaporating losing properties.

Tips for the use and conservation of chlorine dioxide:

  • Before opening the C D S, it is recommended to refrigerate for 3 hours minimum to prevent it from evaporating.
  • Once opened prepare the mixture and store again in the refrigerator
  • Each day prepare the dose and discard any leftovers from the previous day to ensure its effectiveness.
  • Combine the CDS in 1 liter of mineral or filtered water, never distilled or from the tap (chlorinated).
  • Do not consume the pure CDS, you always have to dilute it with water.
  • Paint 10 marks on the water bottle, to divide the intake by hours.
  • Adding a pinch of unrefined salt, like that of the Himalayas, this improves its flavor and provides electrolytes to the body.
  • To preserve it keep the mixture always in the refrigerator.
  • Do not eat or drink anything an hour before and after each shot to avoid inhibiting its effects, but do not consume it on an empty stomach.
  • If you take any medication, leave an hour between your medication and your CDS intake.

Chlorine Dioxide Inhibitors:

Vitamin supplements tea
Citrus, vitamin C coffee
bicarbonate Alcohol
honey antioxidants


Do not combine chlorine dioxide CLO2 with anticoagulant drugs.

After following a guideline for more than 21 days, rest 7 days and take the opportunity to take antioxidant foods such as fruits, vegetables, olive oil, seeds, salmon, seafood, tuna and brewer's yeast.

Do not store the CDS in ABS or PET plastic bottles, do not use rubber gloves, or bottles with rubber droppers.

For topical use 6 activated drops of MMS equal 2 ml of CDS (0,3% = 3000ppm).

For ingestion and enemas 1 activated drop of MMS equals 1ml of CDS (0,3% = 3000ppm).

It is known that there are people who have large worms housed in the body, which generate toxins such as ammonia that cause these parasites, these people will have sensitivity to CDS such as discomfort, vomiting or diarrhea, it is advisable to deworm before starting treatment..


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How to take the CDS?

DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) a little known substance but very effective when it comes to treating various diseases in the body.

DMSO has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, healing and analgesic properties among many other qualities.

It occurs naturally by oxidation in the atmosphere, it is able to cross the skin and cell membranes without causing damage becoming a transporter of active ingredients to the bloodstream.

DMSO is taken a few minutes before CDS, as it has the ability to activate the permeability of cells and doubles the effects of CDS, it is advised to cure serious diseases or infections that require greater urgency of healing.

In 1971 it was demonstrated by a study by virologist Charlotte Friend and published in the scientific journal Proceeding of the National Academy for Sciences that DMSO was capable of healing cancer cells.

How to use DMSO

Before using the DMSO you must perform an allergic reaction test, put a drop on the forearm and let it dry, leave a couple of hours and observe if there is a reaction, although it is not at all usual to have sensitivity to the product, it is better to prevent.

If you take DMSO you should always take the same amount of CDS, for example if you activate 6 drops of MMS, you should take 6 drops of DMSO

For each ml of CDS you have to take 3 drops of DMSO diluted in filtered water.


If you are going to take 10 ml of CDS in a liter of water and make 8 parts, you must prepare 30 drops of DMSO in another container with a liter of water and also mark the 8-part bottle and take first the DMSO and then the CDS.


Always prepare the dmso water that does not contain residues, ensure that it is filtered, otherwise, the DMSO can get to your cells all the toxic matter from the tap water or plastic bottle.

Use glass bottles or folding, never store the DMSO in containers with rubber can contaminate the solution to be easily diluted.

Do not worry if when applying dmso on the skin you notice a feeling of itching, burning, heat or redness, it is a normal reaction that disappears immediately.

Wear chemical-resistant gloves, never wear rubber gloves to apply DMSO.

DMSO should not be used in enemas because it would drag toxins from the intestine back into the blood.

Do not use DMSO with scented and uncleaned skin, all contaminating particles will creep into your body.


  • If the cancer is treated with chemical medication, dmso should not be combined, only take cds.
  • For cancer treated naturally or without medications that leave chemical residues in the body, DMSO and CDS may be used for quick recovery and supplemented with Artemis infusions.

CDS protocol (A) for beginners

Also known as amateur A.

Recommended for first-timers.

Prepare the dose of each day and consume throughout the day, leave a margin of one hour before and after consuming food.

Draw 8 marks on the bottle to control each shot.

Remember that you can add a pinch of salt to improve the flavor.

CDS Protocol for Beginners

Day 1 add 2 ml of CDS in a liter of mineral water and a pinch of pure salt.
Day 2 pour 4 ml
Day 3 mix 6 ml
Day 4 add 8 ml
From day 5 take 10 ml

Rest every 21 days for 3 days to take an extra dose of antioxidants and continue until completing the 60-day cycle.

This preparation can be applied in the long term, it is used as maintenance.

Find out what diseases it can be applied to with the CDS protocol search engine

CDS Protocol 101 (C) common diseases and detox

Also known as C old protocol 101.

This method can be taken in two ways:

1.- As maintenance and prevention of diseases.

  • Prepare 2 ml of CDS in a glass with mineral water and a pinch of salt and take an hour after breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Or you can also take 3 ml of CDS in the morning and another 3 ml in the evening.
  • Keep this dose up to date for 21 days.

2.- Heal common diseases, cleaning DETOX OR DIABETES.

This method is applied in common diseases or if you want to perform a cleaning of toxins from the body and eliminate small parasites.

  • Add 10 ml of CDS and a pinch of salt to 1 liter of water.
  • Make 8 marks to the bottle to control the intake for hours.
  • Drink throughout the day always respecting an hour before or after consuming food.

Keep shots for 1 to 3 months depending on the symptoms of the disease or whether you use it as a detoxifier.

Protocol (N) children and adolescents

Also known as Children's N.

As a guide, 1 ml of CDS (3000 ppm) per year of age is used in 150 ml of mineral water as an initial dose per day, it can be increased in acute or severe cases.

If it is not in case of severity, it is not recommended to medicate or give any treatment until the first year of life.
  • Babies up to 5 kilos 3 ml of CDS a day in 150 ml of water distributed in 10 intakes (can be mixed with milk).
  • Children up to 15 kilos 6 ml of CDS a day in 10 shots.
  • Children up to 30 kilos 8 ml of CDS a day in 10 shots.
  • Children and adolescents between 40 and 60 kilos 12 ml of CDS a day in 10 shots.
  • From 60 Kilos can take the dose as adults.

Protocol (S) for people sensitive to CDS

Also known as Sensitive S.

The sensitive method is intended for people with difficulty taking CDS in the same way as most.

  • First day add 1 ml of CDS for 500 ml of water and drink sips during the day leaving half an hour before or after eating food.
  • The second day prepares 2 ml of CDS in 1L of water and proceed as day one, you can make 8 to 10 marks on the bottle to better visualize each shot.
  • From the third day, go increasing the dose by 1 ml until you can consume 10 ml in a liter of water and drink every hour the amount of the brand that we have made in the bottle.

Protocol (X) to remove heavy metals

Also known as X to detoxify metals.

Recommended for the cleaning of heavy metals that accumulate in the body over the years, metals enter through some foods, cosmetics, pesticides, solvents, lacs, cleaning products, dyes, amalgam fillings, vaccines and some medicines.

As the body cannot metabolize metals, they accumulate in organs such as kidneys, lungs, liver, bones, even reaching the brain causing diseases such as Alzheimer's.

CDS in a liter of mineral water distributed in 8 daily intakes.

  • Take 2 ml for 3 days.
  • 4 ml for 4 days.
  • 6 ml for a week.
  • 8 ml for a week.
  • Rest a week and depending on the degree of intoxication you can repeat the protocol for three months with a week of rest every 21 days.

Avoid foods with vitamin C and antioxidants one hour before or after taking CDS.
Increases the intake of fruit and vegetables.
It reduces foods such as dairy, processed foods, sugars and flours especially white.

Parts of the body in which heavy metals accumulate


Manganese, mercury, methyl mercury, carbon monoxide, lead, organic lead


Carbon monoxide


Fluoride, selenium


Cadmium, Chlorine hydrocarbons


Arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, selenium


Cadmium, strontium, fluoride, lead


Cadmium, fluoride, mercury, lead


Arsenic, beryllium, chromium


Ammonia, beryllium, cadmium, cobalt, magnesium, manganese, nickel asbestos, nitrate acetyl peroxide, ozone, peroxide, hydrogen sulfite


Arsenic, cadmium, mercury


Sulfur acids,cobalt, iodine 131


Arsenic, cadmium, chromium, nickel
The lungs are the organs that accumulate the most variety of heavy metals, followed by the liver and brain.
Cadmium is the one that affects the most organs, followed by arsenic.

Maintenance and preventive protocol

With this treatment it is possible to keep the lymphatic system clean, there is an extra supply of oxygen to the cells and the body remains alkalized which avoids contracting many diseases.

It is good to make use when summer ends, to prevent flus and colds, as well as when entering spring that is already known that the blood alters, there is movement of toxins and changes in the body, what is known as spring asthenia, a feeling of fatigue and reluctance, headache, sleep disorder etc.

  • Take 1 ml of CDS in a glass of mineral water, half an hour after breakfast and 1 ml an hour after lunch and 1 ml an hour after dinner.
  • You can prepare 3 ml in half a liter of mineral water and make 3 brands.

This treatment is to perform in long seasons, rest after 21 days for 3 days and continue.

CDS protocol for weight loss

The CDS protocol to lose weight consists of ingesting throughout the day an amount of CDS from time to time to always maintain chlorine dioxide in the body and to have a function of cleaning toxins, in addition to eliminating certain parasites that are also related with obesity.

The CDS oxygenates the blood and promotes the oxidation of elements that are harmful to the body, oxidizes toxins by breaking them down and they are eliminated through the intestines, kidneys and skin. In addition, if the intake is complemented with enema protocol, it will help cleanse toxins in the intestines, one of the filters used by the lymphatic system to evacuate toxins out of the body.

How to take CDS to lose weight with CE combined protocol

CDS protocol to neutralize vaccines

This method is useful if we live in a mandatory vaccine situation and we are not sure what side effects we may suffer, we are not sure what side effects we can suffer, it is known that vaccines are full of heavy materials, metals, toxins and to this day, it is still not known for sure, if vaccines serve to protect us from diseases.

In all cases, take the same dose 7 days before the vaccine and 7 days after being vaccinated.

For infants and children

  • Prepare 4 ml of CDS in 500 ml of mineral water divided into 8 parts and take a part every hour respecting the main meal times.


  • Combine 15 ml of CDS in 1 liter of mineral water, divide into 8 parts and take a part every hour respecting the main meal times.

For the day of vaccination

  • Add 4 ml of CDS with 4 ml of distilled water in a well-clean glass jar, leave two gauze or cotton cloth inside and close the canister.
  • ive minutes before, put the gauze or fabric with CDS on the triceps muscle.
  • When you get the vaccine, place the other gauze or dressing reserved at the place of the vaccine and leave another 5 minutes.
  • You can also cover the area with clay and cover it so that it does not dry out and leave it for a couple of hours.

CDS protocol (E) enemas

Also known as E of enema.

This cure is recommended to perform a cleansing of intestines of fecal matter, bacteria and some parasites, but also helps to detoxify the liver.

It is recommended in sick people, colon cancer or problems in the intestines since CDS respects the intestinal flora and improves the autoimmune system.

  • First make a water enema with 2 liters to cleanse the intestines.
  • Prepare 10 ml of C D S for each liter of water and use a bag for enemas that are 2 liters and a pinch of pure salt or Himalayan or half a cup of aloe vera and apply the enema.
  • Applying and retaining the liquid for at least 3 minutes to make it effective more than 5 minutes is not necessary.

Enemas can be applied once a day before sleep or every 2 days for two weeks.

Protocol (R) of chlorine dioxide with knob

Also known as rectal R with knob.

For diseases such as; Hemorrhoids, prostate cancer, fissures, is the best way to disinfect the area after defecating as it removes toxins and disinfects the area..

  • Mix 2 ml of CDS in 150 ml of warm distilled water.
  • Absorb the mixture with the knob and apply following the instructions.
  • Hold the liquid for 3 to 5 minutes before evacuating.
  • Perform the treatment at night or after going to the bathroom in case of fissure or injury.

The perilla protocol also serves as an alternative for those who do not tolerate CDS orally:

  • Use a knob with 250 ml of mineral water and add 5 to 10 ml of CDS and repeat during the day until you notice improvement.

Enemas are effective in case of very sick people who do not accept oral preparation.

CDS protocol (D) dermatitis

Also known as dermatological D.

Chlorine Dioxide CLo2 it is applied directly on the skin to heal wounds, burns, skin problems, wounds, athlete's foot, psoriasis, acne etc.

  • It is applied directly to the affected area without diluting and letting dry.
  • If there is itching or burning lower with water.
  • Repeat several times a day.
  • In sensitive areas such as mucosa, lower with water.

Can be combined with DMSO if you are looking for a faster improvement, Protocol K.

You can apply aloe vera or oil near the wound to improve the feeling of tightness.
If during the application you notice a burning sensation, clean the area with water and spray again with the CDS diluted to 40%.

Protocol (G) to treat topically

Also known as G gas.

This protocol uses MMS, activated drops of sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid to take advantage of the gas generated from the mixture and treat it topically.

To treat small areas of the body

  • Activate 6 to 8 drops of sodium chlorite with the same amount of drops of hydrochloric acid without adding water.
  • Repeat the treatment as many times as needed leaving an hour of margin for each exposure.
  • For otitis or other ailments in the ears, use a glass that covers the ear. Do not exceed exposure to gas more than 5 minutes to avoid irritation.
  • For oral problems use a small glass that fits in the mouth and let the gas act without breathing it for a maximum time of 2 minutes.
Do not breathe the gas directly..

For large areas of the body

Chlorine dioxide gas can be effective for treating large surfaces by covering the body with a large bag, (it can be manufactured with several garbage bags).

  • Cover the naked body leaving the head out so as not to inhale gas..
  • Activate 30 drops of CD without adding water in a glass.
  • Leave the activated glass inside the bag for the gas to act.
  • Remove the glass carefully after 5 minutes maximum.

For animals

Effective to replace medical ear drops in dogs and cats.

  • Choose a glass that fits the ear of the animal or treat a skin ailment.
  • Activate 6 drops of CD without adding water
  • Cover the ear of the animal with the glass.

CDS protocol (I, Q) against bites and burns

Also known as I of insects and Q of burns.

Recommended for the treatment of insect bites, such as spiders, wasps or jellyfish, it also relieves burns.

  • Soak a gauze with CDS direct from the refrigerator.
  • Apply on the bite or burn and let dry.
  • Repeat the application as many times as necessary, every 30 minutes and according to the degree of the wound.
  • In case of burn, continue with the treatment until the wound heals.

Oral CDS(J) protocol

Also known as J rinse.

Treatment for oral care.

  • Add 10 ml of C D S in 200 ml of water.
  • Keep the mixture in the mouth by making buches for 3 minutes and spit.
  • Use rinse after each brushing.

If there is gum inflammation or infection, it is recommended to add 1 ml of DMSO to the mixture and use within 10 minutes to avoid disabling the properties.

CDS Protocol (K) patch to treat ulcers or skin tumors

Also known as K kit combined with DMSO.

This formula is applied to skin tumors, infections, ulcers or various skin diseases, as well as treat internal pains.

Putting a patch on the soles of the feet can be effective as the CDS is distributed throughout the body.

  • First mix in a spray bottle 50% CDS 50% distilled water and spray the area to be treated and let dry for a couple of minutes.
  • Second mix 3 teaspoons dmso with 1 teaspoon distilled water, apply with a massage where the CDS was sprayed.
  • Third spray again with the CDS spray.
  • Allow to air dry and repeat maximum 10 times a day.
This protocol is applied 3 days in a row a week, resting 4 to help regenerate.
In large areas try to zone and alternate by hours the applications.
Store the preparation in the refrigerator.
If it presents sensitivity in the treated area, it can be diluted with more distilled water, change the dressing of place since the absorption is done in the same way, or apply aloe vera, olive oil.
For open wounds, sores or even skin cancer the diluted CDS is applied to clean the area, then apply a few drops of DMSO directly near the wound or tumor, leave a few seconds and re-spray a few drops of diluted CDS as close to the wound or tumor as you can.

Protocol (L) Washing or Bathing

Also known as L of Washing.

It serves to detoxify the body deeply from accumulated toxins, heavy metals and help the lymphatic system in its task of removing impurities to the outside.

This protocol uses MMS as the CDS tends to evaporate with hot water.

  • Fill the clean tub with traces of soaps or additives with warm tap water.
  • For lime-sensitive skin, use the very hot water and let it stand until it is warm, this process will evaporate the lime.
  • Mix in a glass between 30 to 60 drops of sodium chlorite with hydrochloric acid to obtain mms. (the amount of drops depends on the amount of water to use, the more water more drops, it is indicative)
  • Stay in the water for 20 minutes also wetting the scalp to help detoxify.

As the water cools it can be filled with hot water that helps to open the pores of the skin and make the product act.

If the skin has open wounds or sores reduce the amount of drops to avoid discomfort.

Two alternatives for those who do not have the MMS Preparation Kit.

  1. They can pour 3 kilos of sea salt in a hot tub, salt also has a great detoxifying effect on the skin.
  2. 2 cups of Epson salts also serves as an alternative to detoxifying baths, although it is not compatible with open wounds, ulcers or burns.

Practice the baths for 10 days in a row to perform a deep detox and treat diseases, then they can be done once or twice a week.

Ocular or nasal CDS (O) protocol

Also known as ophthalmological O.

Protocol for ocular or nasal use, heal conditions such as conjunctivitis, keratitis or blepharitis, mucous secretions or pus, swelling, redness, pain, sensitivity to light.

  • Put 50 ml of saline in a small glass bottle with polyethylene dropper (avoid the rubber).
  • Add 5 ml of C D S and 3 ml of DMSO.
  • Apply 5 drops to the affected eye or nose every two hours.

Store the preparation in a cool and dark place for 3 days, then discard the rest and re-prepare the mixture to ensure effectiveness.


CDS protocol (V) vaginal irrigation

Also known as V of vaginal.

This cure aims to solve female genital problems such as candidiasis, mycosis, polyps, cervical cancer, ovarian cysts, fibroids, cystitis, genital herpes, kidney problems or sexual transmission.

  • Add to a vaginal irrigator 6 ml of CDS per 500 ml of water that should be at body temperature.
  • Clean the irrigator before and after use with CDS to disinfect it.
  • You can lie on the bed and keep your feet up while the fluid is inserted into the vagina and keep it inside for 10 minutes to take effect
  • Repeat the operation twice a day according to the discomfort, leaving a shot for the night since the uterus absorbs the treatment better.


Women who have recently undergone surgery or who have given birth more or less recently.

It must take at least 40 days from delivery or surgery to use the irrigator with CDS.

CDS protocol for the ears

This guideline is used to treat any ear infections or fungal problems.

  • Add 10 drops of CDS in 60 ml of distilled water and a pinch of Himalayan salt.
  • Apply the preparation in a dropper that does not have rubber.
  • Tilt the head and apply 5 drops in the ear and keep the tilt 1 minute.
  • Let the liquid out.
  • Repeat the action 2 or 3 times during the day.

Protocol (P) Parasites

Also known as P of parasites.

This protocol is performed to deworm worms, worms and parasites that live in the intestines and also hidden in the organs.

It is said that worms go down to the intestines at a full moon to mate and lay eggs, that is why it is the perfect day to start with intense deworming.

Use enemas daily, castor oil, Epson salts or Sen leaves  to drag large parasites such as Ascaris.

For Tapeworms, Niclosamide is recommended.

Highly recommended to treat childhood anemias or Autism in children.
Protocol C eliminates some small parasites.

Protocol (Z) Zapper

Also known as Zapper Z.

The zapper is a device invented in 1995 by Dr. Clark,  which thanks to the low frequency current it emits is capable of destroying dangerous microorganisms, bacteria and viruses.

The device works with a 9 volt battery that transforms the current of the battery into pulses of less volts but with high frequency that kills the bugs without affecting the person.

This current passes through the body thanks to the salinity of our blood that facilitates the flow of current.

There are two programs to choose from:

  • Standard program: use current for 7 minutes and pause 20 and repeat operation
  • Continuous zapper program: its duration is 60 minutes

In 2005 studies carried out at the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico by the student Alba Citlalli Murillo were able to confirm that the zapper also eliminates the fungus Arcyria, the bacterium salmonella typh and mites.

In the IPN de México the device used is called ATEDEL, Electromedical Device to Apply Electrocution.

  • The zapper is a very effective and painless therapy since it uses the current of a 9 volt battery and has no side effects.
  • After use it is advisable to strengthen the intestinal flora by taking homemade yogurt, not commercial preparations.
  • Pregnant women and people with pacemakers should not use it.

CDS Protocol (F) influenzas, viruses and herpes

Also known as frequency F.

This treatment is used for flus, viral processes or healing a herpes.

  • Combine 10 ml of C D S in one liter of mineral water with a pinch of pure sea salt.
  • Make 8 marks on the water bottle to control intake.
  • Take 1 mark every 15 minutes for the first 2 hours.
  • For a herpes, repeat protocol 115 twice in a row.
  • If the symptoms do not improve at all, prepare another 10 ml in a liter of water and take an hourly mark of the bottle.

Remember not to combine with food or antioxidants so as not to lose effectiveness.

Without a person presenting severe symptoms, the slower the increase in CDS should be made.

Antiviral CDS protocol for COVID-19

Ecuador successfully tests this protocol against the coronavirus.

The emergency cure, is used for non-serious or infectious treatments, to deactivate viruses and bacteria

CDS is also used against Covid-19.

  • Cystitis, urine infection.
  • Kidney infection.
  • Ear infection.
  • Gastroenteritis.
  • Febrile processes.
  • Food poisoning.
  • Sudden vomiting or diarrhea.
  • Severe discomfort with no apparent cause.
  • Treat Covid-19.

First perform the shock treatment:

  • Take 2 ml of C D S in a glass of mineral water 2 batches every two hours.
  • After 4 hours it is reduced to 1 ml in a glass of mineral water every two hours until the day is completed.
  • Depending on the discomfort of the symptoms, the dose can be increased to 4 ml the first 4 hours and 2 ml the rest of the day.

Second, follow the lead until you find improvement:

  • Prepare 10 ml in a liter of water plus a pinch of salt and drink every 15 minutes until the day is complete.
  • Respect meal times leaving an hour of leeway.
  • In case of severe symptoms, raise the dose progressively in each intake until you can take 30 ml in a liter of water a day.
  • In case of feeling unwell, lower the dose.
  • Many patients notice relief from the second day of treatment, but it is up to each individual to increase or decrease the dose as you sit down.

Prevent coronavirus infection:

  • Dilute 2 ml of CDS in half a liter of filtered water and drink during the day, keep 3 days.
  • Increase the dose by 2 ml more every 2 days until you reach 10 ml a day and maintain 3 weeks.
  • Take doses every hour respecting meals with an hour of margin before or after drinking the dose.
  • If you have any discomfort in the throat gargle with the same dose as many times as you need it.
  • If there is a patient at home, put 10 ml of CDS in an undiluted glass and leave in the patient's room for the gas to take effect.

In most cases the symptoms decrease or disappear, but if after the day there is no clear improvement, go to the doctor to try to find out what causes the infection.

Imagen de 영훈 박 en Pixabay

Protocol (H) for disinfecting rooms

Protocol (H) for disinfecting rooms.

This protocol uses activated drops of sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid (MMS) and serves to disinfect rooms where there is a patient who can infect us or spaces that have been traveled by people and want to clean the environment.

  • Activate 6 to 12 drops of "undiluted" MMS in a glass.
  • Small rooms 6 drops, large rooms up to 12 drops.
  • Leave the glass two meters from the sick person or in the place where it is intended to disinfect and let the gas take effect.
  • If the room is hot the gas evaporates very fast, better to, temper the room to get a slower evaporation.
  • If the room is too small and disturbs the gas can be diluted with a little water.

Learn more about sodium chlorite

CDS Protocol (C+) Cancer

Also known as C old protocol 101.

Serious illnesses or CANCER.

The CDS protocol can be adapted for serious diseases and also to treat cancer..

  • Start with a dose of 3 ml of CDS with a pinch of salt in a glass of water for each shot, 10 shots a day (Total 30ml/day).
  • Depending on the severity it can be increased to 6 ml in each intake, 10 shots a day (Total 60ml/day).
  • In very severe cases you can take 10 ml per intake, 8 takes a day. (Total 80ml/day).
  • It is recommended not to exceed 80 ml per day.
emember that the more severe you are the more slowly you should increase the dose.
Keep the shots until a full recovery.
Reduce the dose if you feel discomfort or nausea and increase the dose progressively again.

CDS is compatible with other medical treatments, but remember to leave a margin of one hour before or after taking it to avoid inhibiting the properties.

Chlorine Dioxide is a good preventive to avoid cancer since it prevents its formation, it is recommended to always use between 2 ml and 4 ml of CDS a day as maintenance after recovering from this disease.

CDS Protocol (M) against malaria or intoxication

Also known as malaria M.

Chlorine dioxide is used against MALARIA in high doses and also for cases of poisoning.


  • Take 7 ml of CDS in a glass of mineral water.
  • Rest 2 hours.
  • Repeat the 7 ml intake.
  • Rest 4 hours.
  • Take 2 ml before bedtime.

If malaria symptoms persist on the second day, take 2 ml every hour until you notice improvement and follow protocol C until the disease subsides.

For babies 4 daily intakes of 1 ml of CDS in a glass of water or milk every 3 hours and for children 5 daily intakes of 1 ml of CDS in a glass of water every 2 hours, for every 11KG of weight administer for 3 days.

Malaria must disappear using this procedure only one day. In case you do not remit the fever at the end of the day, increase one last intake of 3 ml of CDS.

You can also use a treatment for more advanced Malarian case.
If the patient is too weaken:
● 8 ml de CDS in the first shot.
● 5 ml in the second hour.
● 5 ml in the fourth hour.
● 6 ml in the sixth hour.
● 8 ml  in the eighth hour.
● 8 ml before bedtime.


  • Take 2 ml of CDS every 15 minutes until you notice improvement.

Chlorine dioxide protocol (T) for the terminally ill

Also known as terminal T.

The CLO2 it is used in very serious diseases when traditional medicine opines that there is no solution anymore, based on the experience of a mother who cured her daughter diagnosed with cancer with a few months to live, the daughter recovered completely.

CDS protocol for the terminally ill

First day take 2 ml of CDS  in a glass of mineral water every hour, 8 times a day.
Second day 3 ml every 2 hours, 4 times a day.
Third day 4 ml
Fourth day 5 ml
Fifth day 6 ml
Sixth day 7 ml
From the sixth day and for 5 weeks, keep taking 7 ml every 2 hours between 6 and 8 shots a day.
From 5 weeks maintain a dose of 3 ml every hour until you notice the full recovery.

Emergency or shock protocol (U)

Also known as an emergency U.

It serves for those ailments that are not serious but if urgent as; infection of urine, kidneys, various infections, gastroenteritis, diarrhea, severe malaise, food poisoning, high fever, etc.

  • Mix 2 ml of CDS in 200 ml of mineral water and take it.
  • After two hours, repeat the intake of 2 ml of CDS.
  • Then continue to take 1 ml of CDS in a glass of mineral water every two hours completing 8 doses.
  • At the end of the day you should notice that you have improved markedly, if not, you should go to the doctor if it gets complicated.

Protocol (Y) Injectable CDI

Also known as Injection Y.

Protocol reserved to apply by qualified health professionals.

It consists of injecting 5 to 10 ml of CDI 50 ppm (0.005%) near the area to be treated or in case of dangerous bite can be applied inside the wound until being treated in a hospital.

Use for treatment of diseases such as ELA, Lou Gehrig (neuromuscular and deadly degenerative disease), venomous bites of spiders, snakes, scorpions, stingrays, bites of wild animals.

This protocol also serves to treat animals that can not digest mms or CDS, in animals of 50 to 80 kilos have been administered 5 ml CDI in a bag of saline serum of 250 ml subcutaneously without problems.


How to prepare the CDI

Option 1:

Use the same method as to prepare the CDS by replacing the mineral water with saline saline.

As an alternative to serum, mix 1 gram of salt (0.9g) per 100 ml of water with CDS.

Option 2

  • 500 ml of saline and a syringe of 10 to 50 ml
  • Remove the piston from the syringe without removing the needle or its protective plug.
  • Activate inside the syringe 6 drops of sodium chlorite and 6 of hydrochloric acid.
  • Put the piston leaving room for the gas to be created and turn the syringe around so that the gas accumulates near the needle.
  • Puncture the serum bag and introduce ONLY the gas
  • Remove the needle and put the protective plug so that gas is generated again and repeat the operation until we get the concentration of 50 ppm and maximum 100 ppm.
  • Check with test strips the concentration.
  • To avoid venous irritation can be added up to 5 ml of DMSO that will act as an anti-inflammatory.
  • Remove the rest of the syringe in a bottle where we can give it a use as a surface or soil disinfectant.


  • Start with CDS orally for at least a month to detoxify.
  • CDI should never exceed 5% of the serum applied
  • Gradually increase, start with 5 ml CDI in 100 ml of serum every 5 days, 3 series.
  • The optimal drip is set to 3 drops per second
  • Increase to 12.5 ml of CDI in 500 ml of serum every 7 days.
  • The infusion time will be made as long as possible to increase exposure.
  • Take Acetylisteine and Silymarin Every 6 Days
  • Use the gauge 22 track.

The surgeon Dr. Gustavo León to whom Andreas K. thanks for his research in this parenteral protocol of the CDI sharing the results, when treating himself his ALS disease getting stabilized, dispensing with the night respirator and being able to stand without help.

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