CDS CD Combined Protocol

Treatment with the CD combined protocol

Diseases to be treated with the combined CD protocol:

  • Acne
  • baldness
  • dandruff
  • Skin rashes
  • wound
  • Athlete's foot
  • Sarcoidosis

Protocol C

10 ml of CDS in 1 liter of water per day, divided into 8 intakes for 3 weeks.


Protocol D

Apply to the affected area undiluted, 2 or 3 times a day, for 3 weeks.



CD Combo Protocol Tips


Mild: D

Serious: C + D, according to criteria can also be applied the protocol K.

Athlete's foot

C 8 shots a day + D 2 or 3 times a day, for 3 weeks + L protocol adapted to feet.

Definition of diseases treated with combined PROTOCOL CD


Skin alterations that result in pimples, pustules, nodules, cysts, pimples due to the plugging of the follicle that connects with the sebaceous glands.


Injuries that occur in the body by falls, cuts, fractures, bites, twists, burns, blows etc.


Irritation of the skin cells of the scalp generating scales, can be by microbes, sensitivity or excess fat, its symptoms are from dryness, itching or irritation.


Loss of hair in the head but also in eyebrows, armpits, genital area, eyelashes or beard can have hereditary origin (allogenic alopecia) but can also be due to stress, poor diet, thyroid problems, hormonal changes or undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy, it is known as diffuse alopecia.

Athlete's foot

It is a skin infection caused by dermatophyte fungi or yeasts, the skin reddens, blisters or scales form and it is painful, it can appear between the toes or hands, heels or palms.

Skin rashes

It encompasses skin ailments in the form of gpimples, cysts, eczema, inflammations, sores etc. It can appear from allergies, lymphatic problems, sensitivity to products such as clothing, cosmetics, external agents, there is a variety of rashes so there is no clear diagnosis.


It is an inflammation of the lymph nodes in organs such as lungs, eyes, skin, liver forming granulomas, the autoimmune system of people who have sarcoidosis leaves a constant inflammation, symptoms range from fever, cough, blurred vision pain, weight loss, joint inflammation, dry eyes, skin lesions.

You can use our CDS protocol finder to locate a disease and its treatment with Chlorine Dioxide CLO2.

C = diseases Comunes, old protocol 101.
D = Dermatitis.

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