Defeating Lupus, Testimonials

Defeating Lupus.

Doctors say lupus is an incurable disease.

This article shows how some sufferers are defeating Lupus by simply changing their lifestyle habits.

To begin with, you have to eliminate gluten, dairy, red meat and sugar from your diet.

We show some testimonials that agree that eating fresh and natural products, erasing from your diet precooked foods, pastries, soft drinks and industrial juices helps the disease disappear.

Above all you love yourself, listen to your body and take care of it, it is the only one you have.
Remember to smile, that life is very beautiful.

Diet is the key to defeating Lupus.

Of course, Lupus is curable.

Listen to the testimony that Mariana gives us, I recommend that you watch the full video.

Natural cure to defeat lupus.

Thyme, God's tea.

God tea cures thyroid, lupus, vertigo, arthritis.

The main ingredient of God's tea is Thyme or Thymus vulgaris; contains flavonoids, phenolic acids, caféic, rosmarinic, chlorogenic, triterpene, ursolic and oleanoic acids, oleic acid, Vitamin C, in addition to mineral elements such as iron, magnesium and calcium.

Thyme can be effective in treating autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) or related diseases such as arthritis, chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia.

The infusion of this aromatic shrub is also used to treat colic, diarrhea, flatulence, parasites, vomiting, bronchitis, colds, coughs, colds, washing wounds, treating eczema, psoriasis, rinses for bad breath, calms rheumatic pains applied in compresses, in addition to being a good ally to season food.

The use of its pure oil is recommended only for topical use, since it can be toxic to take it orally, for this it is better to take it in infusion if you want to take advantage of its benefits.

How to prepare an infusion of thyme

Boil a cup of water, turn off the heat and add about two or three sprigs of thyme, or a tablespoon of dried thyme and let stand in the water until it warms.

You can ingest it on an empty stomach to take advantage of its benefits, after meals as it helps in digestion, before sleeping it can relax your nervous system and help you fall asleep.

Defeating Lupus with a good diet.

Lupus, fibromyalgia or multiple sclerosis that increasingly affects more people, and that the medical diagnosis is always a chronic autoimmune disease that has no cure, today we want to shed some light on all those patients who do not settle for diagnosis and chemical treatment and want to inquire more about what is happening to them.

What we know as "disease" is really only the "symptom", when the body loses the harmony that makes it function effectively, generates the symptom to prevent us from doing something that is harming it.

If we turn off the symptom with traditional medicine, the pain will go away but what generates it will continue to cause internal damage and when the medicine no longer removes the pain, the symptom will resurface more strongly since in that course of time in which we turn off the pain, but we follow the same habit of life that caused it, greater damage was generated.

Symptoms indicate that something is not right.

It is important to feel the symptoms to be aware that something is happening, do not turn off the pain, investigate, question and change habits to try to find the element that is causing it.

From there we deduce that the symptoms of a lupus, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis are caused by an excess of acidosis and glandular exhaustion.

This means that there is a high degree of toxicity accumulated in the organism that has been unable to drain through pathways such as the kidneys, intestines, sweat, accumulating and encapsulating through the body, skin, joints and causing that discomfort and lack of general energy.

If we omit the symptoms and let ourselves be treated with chemical medicine, without facing the cause that generated that accumulation of toxins, we will only aggravate the problem and it will become a chronic disease since instead of cleaning we will be adding more toxins that only temporarily disguise the ailment becoming a hostage of the pharmaceutical companies.

Surely these diseases are due to the change of diet that we have suffered thanks to the industrialization of food, an excess of additives, meats, dairy, flours, white cereals, precooked meals.

Industrial foods without life or nutrients that have come to unseat staple foods such as raw fruits and vegetables that are what actually feed our cells.

Relieve the symptoms of the disease.

The three diseases that we refer to in this article can be alleviated with simple steps:

  • Change eating habits gradually, include fresh vegetables and fruits (if they are of safe origin to avoid the pesticides they contain better) you can also take them steamed. The effects will be noticed from one or two months, but depending on the type of person it may also take one or two years to be fully detoxified, do not fear, the important thing is that one day the symptoms will have disappeared.
  • Document yourself so as not to fall into the error of mixing sweet fruits with acidic fruits, or vegetables with fruits that do not combine well, so as not to generate more stress to the body.
  • In some people the drastic change of diet can cause inflammation of the intestines, these have to be re-programmed to digest differently, do not force the change, listen to your body and do it at your own pace, the main thing is that you start with the change.
  • Stop consuming products that come packaged or precooked.
  • Reduces the consumption of whole grain flours, (the white ones better not even try them), products made from flours carry a lot of gluten that is known to be a possible cause of this type of diseases.


To be taken into account.

  • Do not drink more water than you need, if you take fruits and vegetables as the main food in your diet, you will ingest the water that your body really needs, full of nutrients and minerals.

Bottled or tap water only dilutes the minerals that are in your blood and far from hydrating the cells, the opposite effect occurs, the companies that sell this type of bottled water are only interested in selling and much, consuming these waters will dehydrate you, the more you drink the more dryness it produces.

  • Changing habits is easy, maintaining them over time is the difficult thing since every day supermarkets invade us with slogans, ads and attractive colors to make us fall into the consumption of foods that harm us so much. Try to turn off the TV and visit small shops to make purchases.
  • Accompany this change of diet with medicinal plants to help remove all the accumulated toxins, since changing the diet will greatly improve the symptoms, you will stop filling your body with toxins but you have to eliminate those that are already embedded in the body.
  • Take care of the intestinal flora, it is here where most diseases are born, in the walls of the intestines is where all the toxics, parasites, even heavy metals of all the food ingested for years accumulate.

These accumulations damage the good bacteria that are needed to undo food debris, the walls of the intestines deteriorate, and toxins pass into the blood.

Taking probiotics and regenerating microorganisms will help us eliminate all these accumulations and therefore stabilize the immune system in addition to cleaning the intestines so that they work well again.


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Defeating Lupus with probiotic feeding.

Foods rich in probiotics:

  • Water kefir: it is a fungus that ferments water, the taste is very similar to cider, contains vitamins, magnesium and folic acid.
  • Kombucha tea: it is black tea fermented with yeasts and bacteria, contains B vitamins, folic acid, iron and digestive enzymes.
  • Sauerkraut: It is fermented white cabbage, contain vitamin C iron, fiber and folic acid.
  • Miso: fermented soy paste, contains essential amino acids, vitamin K, fiber, potassium.
  • Tempeh: it is fermented soy, contains essential amino acids, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and a lot of protein.
  • Tamari: It is a fermented sauce, contains sodium, protein, calcium, acetic acid.
  • Pickled eggplants: polyphenols, vitamin C, Vitamin B12.
  • Pickled pickle: contains vitamin A, B, K, magnesium, iron, potassium and fiber.
  • Algae or microalgae: like chlorella it contains lactobacilli and antioxidants.

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Defeating Lupus, My Personal Story.

At age 29 I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)

But until I reach the diagnosis, my personal drama passed.

One day my joints began to hurt, each time it was in a different place, one day I could not move my right hand, another day I could not close the fingers of my left hand, another day my knee, foot hurt etc ...

Soon after and seeing that the pain was intensifying and I always had a few tenths of a fever, I put myself in the hands of doctors.

I felt like I was 90 years old.

The first action was to perform an analysis and take anti-inflammatories, I am surprised that nothing strange was seen in those analyzes because I had a lot of pain.

I listened and started taking all the medications I was ordered, but the pain was getting more acute and the fever did not stop.

The second step was to visit a paid clinic, after some test and punctures in the joints I was diagnosed with rheumatism, well, it had its logic because my joints hurt.

I quickly started a new treatment, anti-inflammatories, gastric protectors, skin creams, but the pain was still there and I felt weaker.

Without any improvement they decided to repeat tests and my new diagnosis became rheumatoid arthritis, I started with another treatment.

Over the course of the days I was greatly weakened, barely eating, I couldn't even take care of my two children one with five years, the other with two.

Before the disease I weighed 55 kg and with the disease I lost more than 10 kg.

The hospital.

I remember that during the day everything was bearable, both the pain and the general malaise, I was still hungry that when I took the first bite my stomach closed, at night I used to wake up in a hurry around 2 or 3 in the morning with nausea.

I endured a few days in precarious and one morning I entered the emergency room in the hospital, I was without a drop of energy.

The tests of all kinds began, I was too weak, I barely took a bite all day, although the food in the hospital is not that motivated me by its taste or texture is an interesting point to discuss.

The meals they serve in hospitals and how poorly selected they are to feed patients with different pathologies; Milk, industrial juices, industrial pastries with a lot of sugar and little currado menus.

For 2 more weeks they did all kinds of tests without reaching a clear diagnosis, I was scared when one morning a priest came to see me and I did not understand anything, I left a book to read that I never opened and a cloud of doubts of what was happening to me.

Head or tail.

In that hospital there was no clear progress in my diagnosis, although I had many tests, every day that passed was a countdown in my life, until I had a liver biopsy that caused a fatal internal stroke.

I was all night losing blood, the next morning with only a thread of life they took me in volleys to another hospital to operate on me in the emergency room.

If we believe in the universe, luck, or that fate is written, I think everything was planned so that something would fail in that biopsy.

In the other hospital it took a few days to diagnose me with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) and as soon as I recovered from the operation I started with the treatment.

I got blisters all over my body due to an allergic reaction of a medication, even so it did not take me two weeks to ask the doctor to discharge me, I just wanted to go home with mine.

The doctor agreed in exchange for going down twice a week, one day for analysis and another day to put a bolus of cyclophosphamide.

Maybe today lupus disease is treated with other drugs, but I learned that cyclophosphamide is a treatment / drug for cancer since at that time I had a friend with leukemia and when talking to her she told me that they were giving her the same treatment.

Here I make a parenthesis because what I am going to explain is a decision that I make personally.

With this I do not want to encourage anyone to do it, because each person is a world and you have to have a lot of security in you to make these types of decisions and take responsibility for it.

The chemo of Lupus.

When I was discharged and returned home with mine after two months of being hospitalized, I was so full of life that I didn't understand why I had to keep taking medication and put on a bolus of chemotherapy a week.

Every time I was injected into a vein I felt terrible, dizzy, nauseated, my hair fell out, the typical symptoms of chemotherapy, although I have to say that at no time did they make me understand that for my disease I was being treated with chemo.

Thanks to not knowing it and not being afraid, at the third bolus I called the hospital to communicate that I did not want to continue with the treatment, I felt very good, happy and radiant and did not understand the need for the " treatment just in case".

Treatment just in case

I asked the doctor if he assured me that the disease would not return when the 10 bowls were over, he replied that the treatment was supposed to prevent a future and uncertain outbreak, I told him that I did not want to continue and he had to accept, in return I would take a weekly check-up.

From that moment I felt liberated, it is true that unconsciously I changed the diet, because at that time I drank a lot of meat, a lot of milk and dairy, I barely drank water and did not pay the slightest attention.

When I went outside I had to avoid the sun because it activated the vitamin D of my body, and vitamin D activated the disease of Lupus Erythematosus, I had to always wear long sleeves, long pants and pamela.

Now I don't hiding from the sun, seen as I want.
Although I was not advised, at the age of two I became pregnant with my third child, and I had a very happy motherhood, a healthy child and a full breastfeeding.

All these changes came because of my new positive mood, it became easy to meet new people, I signed up for yoga, I shared moments with my new friends, I understood that you only live once and I learned to listen to myself.

Changing the diet was also an important step, consuming more fruits and vegetables discarding meat and all its derivatives and dairy products.

In a few weeks I fully regained vitality, life set the counter to zero for me.

I took responsibility for my life.

Since that episode I recognize that the world of emotions, food, health and illness has been present in my life, I like to investigate, read and involve those around me in the things I learn.

So today I dare to capture it on this website about emotional cancer so that my concerns help people who have gone through the same thing as me or are in that disease process, to help generate another perspective on health and disease.

I have never had Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) disease again.

Defeating Lupus, Healing and Improvement.

How to cure an incurable disease.

Real cases of lupus cure (SLE).

There are many cases of healing, I have told you my own, you can also see the case of Araceli Trujillo among others.

Below I summarize the case of Isabel.

You get cured of arthritis and lupus by eliminating 3 foods from your diet.

How to beat lupus.

Isabel, a 10-year-old girl diagnosed with lupus, managed to remit even make all the symptoms of the disease disappear in a few months.

The family opposed putting her on chemotherapy treatment and relied on the expertise of Dr. Mark Hyman, an advocate of good nutrition, and he believes that stopping eating sugar and processed foods frees from chronic diseases.

Just eliminating 3 foods from the diet of the little one and helping to eliminate toxins accumulated in her body with food supplements managed to recover from the disease.

Eliminating gluten, dairy products and sugar, in addition to detoxifying with multivitamins, vitamin D, B12 folic acid, fish oil, evening primrose oil, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, probiotics, was the therapy used by the doctor to help the little girl.

Dr. Hyman's therapy to defeat Lupus.

Dr. Hyman argues that a diet based on whole grain products that feed the body without raising blood sugar has a great power to balance our health.

In his therapy he applies liposomal supplements (liposomal products are able to release fat-soluble and water-soluble components simultaneously, maintains a protective barrier of the active ingredients making them resistant to digestive enzymes, gastric juices, bacteria from the intestines or free radicals produced by the body and therefore have a better absorption for the body) these supplements help to vitaminize the body and they are key to detoxifying, along with amino acids that are essential for relaxing and having a restful sleep.

It gives importance to habits in terms of food and sleep, setting guidelines that help the body to eat correctly and be able to take advantage of the hours of sleep for a complete repair of the body.

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