Conference is cancer an emotional disease?

By Susana Rico at the Casa de Cultura de Castalla

Conference Is cancer an emotional disease?

Friday, June 25 at 7:30 p.m.



Everything that is discussed in the video is not intended to replace the assessment of a doctor or annul any treatment, it is information that can be taken as a contribution that helps us understand the symptoms and decide how to manage it.

Ágora Castalla Conference, is cancer an emotional disease?

Dr. Hamer


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Dr. Robert Morse


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The conference organized by Agora Castalla talks about:

  • Understand the disease of cancer.
  • Dr. Hamer's work and research on the relationship of emotional trauma and disease.
  • Dr. Robert Morse's discoveries about the lymphatic system.
  • The Health Benefits of Seawater.

Why do some people have cancer and others do not have the same factors?

According to the book "The Dictionary of Emotions" by Jacques Martel,the causes of ailments and diseases are related to thoughts, feelings and emotions.

MIGRAINES according to The Dictionary of Emotions

They are associated with disorders of vision and digestion.

Migraine exposes my resistance linked to the inability to fulfill what has been asked of me, it is unattainable for me and my head explodes, I feel incompetent especially on the intellectual plane.

Conflict: I do not want to see or digest what happens in my life, I am invaded by frustration, anguish and I am unable to make a decision in the face of this that happens to me

It may also be that a repression from childhood related to sexual problems comes to light.

I can feel incomprehension on the part of my closest environment.

I can suffer from a lack of love from someone.

What I must do: Understand that I must take action, become aware of what I am fleeing or what bothers me and take responsibility.

If I cannot take action, I let events flow freely in my life, in return I get joy, peace, harmony.

The Germanic New Medicine

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer (17-05-1935 / 02-07-2017)

  • Specialty in Radiology
  • Pediatrician
  • Psychiatrist
  • Internal Medicine
  • 6 years of study in Physics

He has developed several inventions that he has patented, among which are a saw for bone surgery and an electric scalpel that bears his name, which cuts 20 times thinner than the conventional scalpel, allowing a less traumatic surgery.

According to Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer cáncer is a biological survival response that sets the body in motion when we suffer an unexpected traumatic shock and as long as it is not resolved, there will be a modification of the cells giving rise to a pathology.

If we compare the functioning of the brain with the operation of a car...

He conducted several studies on lung cancer and breast cancer patients, showing that all the patients he treated before had suffered a type of trauma. The type of trauma that lung cancer generates is different from that generated by breast cancer.

The University of Trnava in Slovakia corroborates his discovery in 1998.

Dirk Hamer's focus

Left breast cancer::

Conflict: mother-son, mother-daughter or nest.

(self-reproach of the mother because her son was released from her hand and was run over. Feeling loneliness and feelings of abandonment because the children get married and leave the house, Feeling inability to make them happy and care as a mother.

Right breast cancer:

Conflict: worries or fights with the partner or with friend, co-worker, boss, conflicts with the father).

Stomach cancer:

Conflict: "I can't digest what's happening to me.

Colon cancer:

 Conflict: indigestible contrariness, "crap". Wrongful criminal accusation, living something dirty, abuse

Prostate Cancer:

Emotional conflict: it is a sexual conflict, abandoned of the couple. Or not fulfilling as a man, not feeling valued masculinely, or not being able to protect the home as a man.

5 Biological Laws of New Germanic Medicine

The New Germanic Medicine is based on 5 biological laws that can be applied in each disease

  • First Law: Serious illnesses originate from strong conflict or trauma.
  • Second Law: There are two phases;
    •   Active phase,  the brain sends order to increase or decrease cells or tissues and symptoms of stress, fatigue, insomnia, cold hands and feet occur.
    •   Healing phase the brain reverses the order and the typical symptoms of what we call bad "disease" fever, pain, discomfort, infections ...
  • Third law: Metastasis does not occur because the cells migrate through the bloodstream, they are new conflicts that are generated after a medical diagnosis.
  • Fourth law: The body needs very important viruses, fungi and bacteria in the repair phase and it is crazy to neutralize them.
  • Fifth law: If we understand disease as a natural response of the body we can help heal it without the need for chemical medicine.

Not all conflicts are cancer-generating.

Since we are children, we all experience conflicts and traumas one or more times in our lives.

Many of these conflicts are resolved quickly and go unnoticed.

It should be noted here that not every conflict is a generator of cancer, otherwise, no one would be left alive.

For a cancer to occur, it is necessary that a fulminant, massive conflictive shock occurs that cannot be solved or integrated.

No external fact causes illness, only our inability to accept it is what creates the emotional shock that leads us to illness.

The Lymphatic System and Cancer

Dr. Robert Morse

  • Iridologist.
  • Biochemical.
  • Author of health books.
  • Certified and accredited naturopathic doctor.
  • Expert in medicinal herbs.


What is the lymphatic system?

  • The lymphatic system could be said to be the "sewer of the body".
  • The body is made up of a set of cells that in turn form the organs, there are more than 76 trillion cells in the body.
  • Each cell is a living organism that they eat and excrete, these wastes are collected by the lymph which is the fluid that surrounds each cell.
  • Blood is the smallest fluid and is responsible for carrying food to each of these cells.
  • Lymph is the largest fluid and its function is to keep cells free of toxins.
  • That is why we say that the lymphatic system is one of the most important systems we have in the body, it is linked to the circulatory system and fulfills the autoimmune function, it also transports substances such as proteins or lipids.
  • The most important organs of the lymphatic system are the kidneys, skin, and colon to remove cellular waste.
  • Lymphatic fluids with cellular waste travel to the lymph vessels, reach the lymph nodes and are finally carried to the aforementioned organs for elimination from the body.

How to tell if your kidneys are filtering well

  • Do not consume any liquids three or four hours before bedtime.
  • Urinate in a glass jar first thing in the morning and let stand for 6 to 8 hours.
  • Do not worry about the color, if it is cloudy, your kidneys are filtering lymph.
  • If the urine is clear without veil or solid particles, it is clear that it has some work to do.

to understand the lymphatic system we can compare it with the functioning of a house.

The lymphatic system is the drain of the body, while the blood of the circulatory system would be the kitchen of the body

How long can a body endure without a drain in conditions?


Tools for healthy living

Take care of my emotions, if I have a conflict I try to manage it or ask for help.

Healthy and lively food.

How a healthy and balanced food dish should be

Out sugars and carbohydrates high in glucose.

Exercise to move the lymphatic system

Seawater, salt baths, dry brushing

Turn off the TV and take care of the mind with relaxation, yoga, music, activities beautiful for you, alternative therapies, control negative emotions.


Here you can download the books that are discussed at the conference

Drinking seawater

Considering Dr. Hamer's Laws on Self-Healing

author: Francisco Martin

Editions obelisco


Heal by eating and drinking

author: Israel Rojas Romero

The great dictionary of ailments and diseases.

The most comprehensive dictionary on the causes of ailments and diseases related to thoughts, feelings and emotions.

author: Jacques Martell.

Editions Quintessence.

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