MMS against Covid-19

Ecuador uses MMS against covid-19.

Ecuador successfully conducts the first clinical trials with CDS, a milder derivative of MMS against Covid-19.

The CDS oxidizes the capsule that surrounds the virus, destabilizes its structure and prevents the ability to bind to proteins, acts as an oxygen transporter helping hemoglobin, being faster it reaches the cells quickly to feed them.

Ecuador has taken the initiative to implement protocols with alternative therapies in order to help the public health system avoid the collapse of hospitals, with the clear intention of showing the world the benefits of CDS chlorine dioxide for vulnerable people because it is an affordable product for all.

Likewise, Ecuador is one of the first countries to begin studies with the well-known and so discreditedchlorine dioxide or sodium chlorite,often compared to common bleach or chlorine without basis for this comparison, these trials have managed to cure those infected bycovid-19.

The concern of Ecuador to see that it was positioned in second place in the statistics of most infected countries could evidence the effectiveness of the CDS, the study was carried out in 104 patients between 30 and 50 years old who accepted the new treatment, all have recovered successfully in just 4 days.


  • Sodium Chlorite (NACLO2): Mineral salt,is used as a disinfectant and industrial bleach.
  • Hydrochloric Acid (H-CL): Acid thatactivates Sodium Chlorite.It is the same acid from the human stomach.
  • Chlorine Dioxide (CLO)2): ActivatingSodium Chloritewith an acid releases this gas.
  • MMS: Master Mineral Solutionname of activated Sodium Chlorite, the discoverer of the health properties was Jim Humble.
  • CDS: Chlorine Dioxide Solution.It is the term given to the gas of Chlorine Dioxide captured in water, to be able to consume it or use it as a disinfectant.

Chlorine dioxide (sodium chlorite 25% + Hydrochloric acid 4%) + water = MMS

Chlorine dioxide (Sodium chlorite 25% + Hydrochloric acid 4%) + water captured = CDS

Study of the MMS against Covid-19 AEMEMI Ecuador

The study has been carried out from the Ecuadorian Association of Medical Experts in Integrative Medicine (AEMEMI) becoming the basis of the metacentric international clinical trials discharged from the NIH of the United States.

The trial was carried out with the support of the ethics commission, with the sole purpose of saving lives in an area very affected by the pandemic, based on emergency legislation and the Declaration of Helsinki, where it is stated that a doctor can apply any substance if he does not find medication to eradicate the problem and this leads to deaths.

CDS is a derivative of MMS that is obtained through capturing chlorine dioxide in water, it is softer and better tolerated by patients.

From AEMEMI came doctors and health workers willing to get the CDS solution to many infected families for free, most of the time using their own vehicles and means achieved results with an efficiency of 97% in the remission of severe symptoms.

The patients were consulted and gave their consent to carry out the trial, thus demonstrating that chlorine dioxide is effective against covid-19 and is not a toxic substance as the WHO itself tries to convince without having verified, despite the fact that there are no cases of death due to demonstrable MMS consumption.

Why does MMS work against covid-19?

Today it is known that covid-19 is not the direct cause of pulmonary complications, it causes systematic hypoxia by the destruction of the hemoglobin molecule.

COVID-19 joins other proteins, does not let oxygen reach the blood, minimizes the transport of oxygen to the cells of the lungs, is when it is complicated for the patient, since the inflammation that is triggered makes him unable to breathe and ends with multi organic failure.

CDS prevents the virus from attaching to proteins and at the same time carries oxygen to cells.

Patient Testimonials about MMS

There are many testimonies of cure of covid-19 from patients, doctors and military that prove its effectiveness.

Today we can provide studies signed before a notary that in Ecuador they have overcome the contagion of covid-19 in just 4 days, what else is needed to take it as a global cure for the pandemic?

General symptoms of Covid-19

Patients in Ecuador infected by COVID-19 present diverse symptoms with different responses ranging from mild to very severe.

General symptoms of the Covid-19 coronavirus:

  • Headache
  • Diarrhoea
  • Shortness of breath
  • Back pain
  • Sore throat
  • Chills
  • Lack of appetite
  • Fever
  • Myalgia
  • Loss of smell
  • Loss of flavors
  • Dry cough
  • Vomiting

After taking CDS, an evident reduction in symptoms was obtained in 82.2% of cases in just four days of treatment, the rest were left with only mild sequelae of symptoms without registering any death.

What characteristics does MMS Chlorine Dioxide have?

Chlorine dioxide (CLO2) is a greenish-yellow gas that is obtained from mixing two components that are 25% sodium chlorite and 4% hydrochloric acid, this mixture produces a gas (which if inhaled is toxic, so the importance of making the mixture in a ventilated place) this gas is mixed with water to be ingested as a therapeutic treatment.

Taking MMS does not leave residues in the body even in high doses of intake, it is metabolized by the body without being perceived as a toxin.

Chlorine dioxide has the ability to eliminate all kinds of pathogens without affecting the body, it has an oxidative potential of 0.95 V and cells are destroyed with a 1.2V, it also has the ability to destroy heavy metals such as aluminum or mercury.

How MMS (chlorine dioxide) works in the body

MMS is absorbed by the stomach mucous membranes and passes directly into the blood, it is very similar to oxygen.

The blood is acidic, the MMS is divided into oxygen and chlorine, the same chlorine is converted into sodium chloride, the part that is oxygen cleanses pathogens by oxidizing them, and is able to break the membrane surrounding the virus.

All toxic substances are acidic for our body, have components easily oxidized by MMS, as well as malignant tumors or diseased tissues so chlorine dioxide is effective.

It has already been shown in studies on the cure of malaria, that the sick recovered in just four hours after having taken the chlorine dioxide.

It is also able to increase oxygen in the blood, providing more cellular energy.

Chlorine dioxide is non-toxic

On several occasions it has been shown that neither the MMS version nor the CDS version are toxic and do not have any adverse effect on health, in fact there are toxicological tests as well as thousands of experiences that corroborate it.

Chlorine dioxide or CDS is a substance known to be disinfectant against viruses, fungi and bacteria, its most common use is water disinfectant for human consumption, it is also used to disinfect blood bags for transfusions, patented by this AICS bag company since 1994.

Andreas Ludwig Kalcker, its advocate, has been harassed for 13 years without any basis for publishing books and conducting research on the therapeutic use of MMS.

Rather out of ignorance, as many are confusing CDS with sodium hypochlorite (bleach) by having a similar smell and appearance.It should also not be confused with Chlorine, as it is not the same.

The CDS does not destroy the blood, but is able to oxygenate it by recovering the red blood cells, for this substance to be really toxic it would be necessary to consume 292 milligrams per kilo of weight of the individual for 14 days.

In MMS trials, only 50 milligrams are ingested per day divided into ten doses, resulting in the intake of 0.1 milligrams per kilo of body weight.

Andreas Ludwig Kalcker, MMS researcher for therapeutic use.

Biophysicist, he has been dedicated to the research of chlorine dioxide for therapeutic use for 13 years, with three pharmaceutical patents of chlorine dioxide that he freely gives up without economic interests.

The use of MMS has been declared by many government sources to be hazardous to health, claiming that it can cause serious harm to health by being life-threatening in some cases, but there are no studies or records of any deaths from MMS consumption in 100 years..

But these allegations are based on misinformation, since chlorine dioxide is only toxic if inhaled, inhaling the gas causes the blockage of the function of the alveoli in the lungs, and causes the blood not to circulate well producing a collapse.

But oral or intravenous use in a specific measure, achieves just the opposite, and you can check the behavior of the substance in blood under a microscope, it provides more oxygen to the cells.

Studies show that CDS or MMS can increase bioavailable oxygen in the blood by up to 50% improving flow among other qualities against viruses or bacteria.

Detractors of MMS

For the detractors of MMS there is an article that analyzes step by step the disengagement of the Uganda Red Cross with the MMS trial against malaria in this link.

The author reveals how he is pulling the thread to contact the organizations and people who have supposedly collaborated in this essay and how they answer him that they do not know anything about it.
Before judging, all parties must be heard.

MMS Advocates

For the defenders of MMS there is a video with the response of Teresa Forcades in the conference "MMS: medicine or poison?" on February 27, 2015 at the Municipal Centre d'Esports de la Vall d'Hebron in Barcelona to thedisengagement of the Uganda Red Cross " see minute 45:08 of the video".

The speakers at this conference were;Teresa Forcades, Josep Pàmies, Isabel Cusó i Manuel Cátedra.

Teresa Forcades i Vila is a Doctorof PublicHealth.

In the video the speakers answer these questions:

  • What exactly is MMS?
  • Is it true that it CURES diseases?
  • Can it cure Ebola or AIDS?
  • What about Cancer?
  • It's dangerous?
  • Is it true that it is prohibited?
  • Why?

Video of the study conducted with MMS to cure Malaria in Uganda on December 16, 2012.The location was Africa, in Uganda, Luuka District.

Red Cross, clinical trial toeradicate Malaria with MMS.

Controlling fears in the media

You will see a lot of discrediting about MMS sodium chlorite, CDS chlorine dioxide, it is normal, since it is a very economical product that is available to anyone.

The big chemical and pharmaceutical companies "FARMAFIA" can not compete with this product, so they use all their resources to discredit mmS.

It is always the same corporations that control everything, maintain their power based on lies on social networks, press and television.

Unfortunately they do this to promote their businesses and control what people have to think, and "that's extremely dangerous to our democracy.".

If you believe that the press is the truth I invite you to watch this short 60-second video to see how independent and rigorous the media are.

Turn off the TV and start thinking for yourself.

Journalists from all media act like musicians at a concert, shamelessly reciting everything they are dictated.

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