Colloidal Silver for pets, testimonials

Colloidal silver, Testimonies of healing in pets.

Colloidal silver for pets is used in dogs and cats of all ages.

The best testimonials of pets cured with colloidal silver

We cannot assure that colloidal silver cures diseases. However, there are many testimonials of people who have healed diseases of their pets and we want to share them in case they can help.

We can understand that colloidal silver is effective against viruses, bacteria and external pathogens, it is an extra help for the body to recover health.

Colloidal Silver is NOT toxic, nor does it create any dependence, it is a natural product.

Colloidal silver for pets deactivates an enzyme and the vital mechanism of bacteria and pathogens so that they cannot survive.

How to give colloidal silver to pets effectively

Colloidal silver can be used to treat:

  • Fatigue
  • Cuts
  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting
  • Burns
  • Ear mites
  • Skin infection
  • Flea infestations
  • Stomach infections
  • Food poisoning
  • All kinds of wounds
  • Ear, eye, internal infection
  • Immune system problems
  • Also to disinfect pet beds

Testimonials of cures with colloidal silver for pets.

The testimonials have been extracted from the website where you can also buy this product without preservatives, without additives and without stabilizers.

Cats, testimonies of healing

Some you will know that they entered at night to poison one of my colonies, some ate too much and others less. 10 angels fell, I filed a complaint, took a body to the university.... there was only one little boy, Albin, Elvis' brother, who since he stuck a stick in his eye is with me.

Silver saved Albin's eye as well as Thelma.

The Albin kitten had a burnt palate and trachea, lost his lip, teeth and had a necrotic gum.

The cat Honey for the stress suffered by two viruses, panleukopenia and coronavirus, nd stuck to the cat Elvis despite all the care. I have suffered and cried a lot.

Elvis is winning the battle, Miel has won it and Albin is great, all thanks to colloidal silver.

Miel was not injected with anything just medication that I started yesterday and Elvis was injected with three things and without medication for home, he had to fight his immune system."


“Our little kittens arrived with an uncontrolled virus in their eyes. After the vet used everything, there was no improvement.

In that moment of desperation to look for someone he told me the Colloidal silver. I talked to Adri and he told me how to give it to him.

I told the vet and he agreed. We had everything lost. We had already lost two kittens and there were 7 left.

Bonnie and the Vaquita was the worst off. Impossible to put any eye drops or cream. Almost impossible to open your eyes.

I started pouring colloidal silver on it. And little by little we were seeing his eyes.

The next thing is that I wouldn't see. His infection was horrible. His eyes were like minced meat.

If you see one is perfect and the other is on the right track. Except Bonnie who keeps recovering all have been adopted and are healthy.

The cat suffers from ataxia and now I give her orally.

I do not know if it will help, but as the veterinarian says badly does not do it. I am very incredulous to all these things, or was, rather."

"We use all kinds of eye drops, a specialist sends a special cream preparation. a lot of money and without results. But we lost the little animals. It was adding the silver and standing up. Now we only give them colloidal silver."


Hi Adri.

I pass you a testimony of silver with one of my cats Nico, sometimes he has like a kind of allergy in the armpit that itches and makes him lick to the point of getting injured.

I sprayed colloidal silver on it three times a day for a week and the itching was over.

In a short time the hair had already come out and for the moment it has not happened to him again.

To maintain, I put two colloidal silver plugs in drinkers daily.


“Good morning, I have used silver again for a kitten collected affected by bordetella and in a couple of days it is perfect.

I had previously used it on another cat collected with greenish mucus in eyes, nose and cough.

His eyes were completely closed by legañas, bubbles of mucus through his nose, and the result was spectacular. Serve as a testimony.”


I picked up a cat from the street in poor condition and missing an eye, it was tested to rule out diseases and everything went well, it was sterilized and administered antibiotic for 15 days, but after the antibiotic it continued to sneeze and with a lot of mucus and green legañas in the eye.

I began to give him silver in a bowl and another without Colloidal Silver, he always went to the one with Silver and in a matter of days the mucus disappeared and his eye improved a lot!

Cristina Fabregat

“3ml every day in the drinking fountain, about a month all the sores of the kitten were gone, and it had all over her mouth and tongue.

We administered the colloidal silver only in the drinker, it was not left orally.

But thanks to the silver he was able to eat, the sores prevented him from eating.”.


“My kitten Dumbo I picked him up together with his brothers, he had his eye exploded, I was giving him silver 15 ppm 4 times a day 1 drop in each eye and also silver taken orally, 1 ml 4 times a day along with virgan and optalmowel waiting 5 min between a few drops and others and the cream, and now he has the great eye I was giving him the money almost a month.”


“Hello, I can tell you that a cat with feline calicivirus, diagnosed by a veterinarian a year ago, today is super well thanks to colloidal silver and has not gone back to the veterinarian.

When according to the treatment, I had to prick it every month.

I had to trust the silver because the cat was saved thanks to it, I also gave him copper because of his anemia since copper helps a lot, although fundamentally it was the Silver.

The dose of silver and copper in his drinker three times a day was one cap each and orally he took 3 syringes a day directly into his mouth.

For the weeds we peel the area and apply copper sprayed for a month and a half and the cat is great.

When it comes to viruses, you have to attack as fast as you can, it worked very well.


Dogs, testimonies of healing

I put hydrogen peroxide on my dog twice to clean and then 2 times a day silver because I'm away from home for a long time. And I gave him money to take too.”


“Hello, On Wednesday I passed money to an acquaintance, for a dog that picked up with Scabies of which it is contagious, for now I told him to put it topically since days ago I had it made and it took a bad taste, until he does more and I will give it to him to swallow, he began to give his pet the Silver yesterday and today he told me that he was better, that he had almost no itching and that his skin had improved (he no longer scratches)! I told him to put it twice a day”

“An acquaintance had a horse with very liquid diarrhea due to contaminated water, e-colis, after veterinary treatment, the diarrhea persisted, so we began to give her Colloidal Silver of 15 ppm orally 10 ml 4-5 times a day. The diarrhea subsided within a few days!”


"Hello, I have a dog with an since the 5th of last month I took her to the veterinarian specialist in eyes, I prescribe two eye drops 3 times a day, I have already gone several times to review without improvement.

Last week I got tired and started putting colloidal silver on it, every 2 hours or so. I see it much better, do you notice it?”


Wound of a rescued dog, We apply colloidal silver on the dog's wound and improves for hours this photo is 5 days applying silver


Pets, healing testimonials

This is a friend's rabbit, she didn't open her eye and peeled off the area, we applied 1 drop of silver 4 or 5 times a day and 1 ml of silver in her 50 ml drinker. In 10 hours he opened his eye and within 24 hours his pet's hair started to come out.


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