Interview Adrián Salgado from the web tuplatacoloidal

adrian salgado experto en plata coloidal

Today we talk with Adrián Salgado, expert in colloidal silver and administrator of, with more than 11 years of research on colloidal silver, on his page he collects very interesting data about this product, benefits and applications. Its website also provides many testimonials that talk about the results of taking colloidal silver to treat … Read more

Colloidal Silver for pets, testimonials

Colloidal silver, Testimonies of healing in pets. Colloidal silver for pets is used in dogs and cats of all ages. The best testimonials of pets cured with colloidal silver We cannot assure that colloidal silver cures diseases. However, there are many testimonials of people who have healed diseases of their pets and we want to … Read more

Colloidal Silver as Taking

How to take colloidal silver effectively In this post we show you how to take colloidal silver in different ways. Colloidal silver preparations can be stored for 6 months, not disposed of in any metal container, ensure that it is always in glass to maintain its benefits. How to take colloidal silver effectively: Colloidal silver … Read more