CDS medical testimonials for covid-19

CDS Medical Testimonials for Covid-19

The current pandemic is being very devastating worldwide, not only because of the condition of the covid-19 virus but also because of the way in which organizations, presidents, countries and leaders are managing irresponsibly and dangerously.

The social, economic and human havoc that has been caused after decreeing the state of alarm and the mandatory quarantine, to avoid contagion of a virus, which is increasingly clear that it has left the laboratory with the intention of eradicating human population, thanks to the collaboration of important entities such as the WHO that are financed by atrocious minds such as Bill Gates.

WHO is 80% funded by Bill Gates.

There is the Helsinki law that supports the world medical association,in its eighteenth assembly in Helsinki since 1964 and ratified in the Seoul assembly 2008 and in 2018 in which it is approved that any doctor or health worker can protect patients and save their lives with any substance if general medicine does not respond.

In South America where the pandemic is currently being catastrophic, many doctors have taken advantage of the Helsinki law to cure Covid-19 patients with chlorine dioxide CDS .

Youtube has deleted the video for talking about Covid-19

Dailymotion has also removed the video for talking about the Coronavirus


CDS cures covid-19, medical testimonies

Statements from several doctors talking about CDS in the treatment of Covid-19.

Dr. Manuel Aparicio Alonso, talks about the benefits of Chlorine Dioxide and about the closure of one of his areas in the CMJ Clinic in Queretaro - Mexico.

Dr. Pedro Chavez Zavala of the World Health and Life Coalition Mexico, Refutes and distorts the warnings of the WHO and the American FDA on the toxicity of Chlorine Dioxide.

There is Scientific Evidence to Back It Up, If It Works, Recovery Testimonials Speak.

Dr. Marta Rodas Colombian Graduate of the University of Antioquia, she gives us her testimony about the CDS Chlorine Dioxide.

CMJ Clinic in Queretaro - Mexico, They report 100% Recovery Using Chlorine Dioxide with Positive patients, confirmed by Doctor Manuel Aparicio.

All Patients, Absolutely all patients have recovered.

The deleted video talked about.

Part One:

In the video we show you a compilation of some doctors in South America who use and promote the use of CDS chlorine dioxide to cure those infected by Covid-19.

  1. Doctor Ruperto Pablo Ruíz works for the differentiated office of Covid-19, knows Chlorine Dioxide and declares himself passionate about CDS, he met it in Chile in 2017 he is a user and defender.
  2. Juan Felipe Sánchez Beltrán infected with Covid-19 and treated with CDS with positive results, that is why he recommends it, he also used it to treat liver cirrhosis patients with cure and total recovery with CDS.
  3. Doctor Giovanne from Colombia, knows the CDS since 2019 since he treated his daughter, he was in Spain when the outbreak began, he began to use the CDS prevention protocol and after returning to his country he began with the symptoms of covid-19 when sharing a flight with infected, after contacting Andreas Kalcker the protocol for infected was administered recovering both he and his family.
  4. Bolivian laboratory prepares and distributes CDS for free among those infected with covid-19.

Part Two:

  1. Peregrino claims in a short video the use of the CDS against the pandemic, she says that she works with a lot of protection on the outside but asks that internal protection with CDS be authorized.
  2. Patricia Callisperis director of the Clinic of the South as a private doctor and user of the CDS to heal oral lesions and who recommends Chlorine Dioxide to cure patients with coronavirus.
  3. Amilcar Huancahuari doctor of the Covid-19 command unit also defends and promulgates the use of dioxide to curb the pandemic and explains how it can be taken to combat SARS,and that within three days the symptoms disappear.
  4. Gastón Cornudo Abad, Argentine surgeon publicly denounces to governments, organizations, leaders and representatives around the world, that this pandemic is being annihilating and ruinous thanks to the mismanagement of all of them with the sole purpose of enriching themselves, the pandemic is and has always been a pantomime sponsored and gestated by Bill Gates in his crazy idea of eliminating half of the human population. After this very well articulated complaint that you can see complete in this link, we leave the part that asks for the legalization of the use of the CDS to save human lives from the contagion created by them.
  5. Finally we have testimony of César Méndez who is a user of the CDS since the beginning of 2020 to prevent the virus and declares that he has given chlorine dioxide to his family and friends, an economic and effective remedy that governments deny its legal use.

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