Healthy eating to fight cancer

What it means to have a healthy diet

Healthy eating, there are many publications that indicate its benefits, provide advice, recipes and opinions on how to improve health, but do we understand well the information about nutrients, foods, food, diet, fats and how it influences our body?

Simple guidelines to get to eat properly, with the aim of improving the quality of life.

How to Differentiate Healthy Eating Meals

2 concepts to keep in mind:

  • Diet is to follow a menu planned based on personal needs to achieve a goal, such as taking advantage of nutrients, losing weight, increasing muscles, taking care not to gain weight or even feeding when you are in chemical treatment.
  • Healthy eating habits, having enough information about food and the act of eating, to obtain through food, complete health.

Eat healthy.

It is not the same for everyone, each individual is different and needs different foods according to objectives, but we can share certain general tips to have the body in shape and have health..

Here we want to focus on a healthy diet in general, with basic information about nutrients, healthy fats, food.

Healthy nutrition is related good eating habits, eating healthy, eating well, varied, with sufficient intake of unsaturated fat, protein, carbohydrates and fiber.

Healthy eating is also about taking care of what we eat, what we drink, but also what we think and feel.

Nutritional advice to achieve balance in the diet.

  • Fruits and vegetables that provide us with vitamins and fibers, are a rich source of nutrients that we must prioritize in every diet..
  • Whole grain products such as cereals, pasta and wheat products that are whole grain, are good for digestion and also provide vitamins from the nutritional point of view.
  • Consume good fat, such as olive oil, fatty fish, nuts such as nuts and foods such as avocado, medium chain fats such as coconut oil, provide us with nutrients and vitamins A and D in addition to satiating hunger and feeding the brain improve the appearance of the skin.
  • Remove butters, manteca, butter, fried foods from your table as they hinder digestion and can cause gastritis.
  • Moderate salt intake to take care of blood pressure, for example; the vegetables maintain their flavor if we cook them between 5 and 10 minutes, it is dangerous to salt the cooking water since the vegetable absorbs this water.
  • Moderate the consumption of sugar, sugar is found in many foods such as fruits, but also in processed products, if you also add sugar to coffee or infusions only add empty calories.
  • Drink enough water, it is recommended to drink 1.5 of water a day, it can be supplemented with infusions or vegetable drinks, if you take a lot of fruit it also counts as hydration.
  • Avoid soft drinks, carbonated beverages that contain many dangerous chemicals and sweeteners.

Healthy habits help a good diet

  • Shop with awareness, sometimes shopping hungry makes us fill the basket with unhealthy foods such as chips, cookies, bars, etc. It's best to go with a prepared list, read packaged food labels, andbuy fresh produce..
  • Cooking is the best tool to get a beneficial diet, having the refrigerator and freezer full of unprocessed foods favor the preparation of healthier meals, if you want to start the change, cooking at home may be the best start towards a healthy life.
  • Exercise is key to maintaining health and more with age, the lymphatic system is activated that helps purify the body of toxins, if we practice it outdoors, the sun helps us synthesize vitamin D.
  • Practice Phytotherapy, (help us with plants and their derivatives) know which plants can help you improve digestion, rest or relax your nervous system can be an ideal complement to nutrition, you can take them between meals, after meals.

Even with all these nutritional tips, we must bear in mind that food is not the only ingredient to have a healthy life in general, nutrition must be complete in all senses, the physical plane, intellectual plane and the moral plane, if we want to live in health.

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