The Shame Vaccine, COVID-19


The article The Vaccine of Shame captures the conversation of two French doctors who speculate about testing for a possible COVID-19 vaccine in people in Africa as has already been done on other occasions with other vaccines, such as AIDS HIV.

They choose third world countries to test with vaccines because they can do it without taking into account any safety protocol, and deceiving the inhabitants into being guinea pigs.

It is a way of avoiding European legislation, and skipping human rights.

The pharmaceutical industry far outweighs the profits of arms or telecommunications companies.
Only 25 pharmaceutical companies account for 50% of the world market.

They have managed to turn the disease into a business that also chooses which diseases can be cured and which ones they should do chronic to obtain the maximum benefit.

Diseases such as cancer, lupus, multiple sclerosis, ALS and so many others that will never have an effective remedy but lifelong medication.

Pharmaceutical companies are able to implement strategies to increase the consumption of medicines and anti-natural products, invent pathologies such as alopecia, hyperactivity in children, erectile dysfunction, pregnancy or menopause, creating pills for each symptom that in most cases can have negative effects on the body.

How disease becomes a business

Your strategy to sell more goes through:

  • Buy the raw material in developing countries to obtain them cheaper, manufacture the material in countries where labor is cheap, and sell the product in countries with a high purchasing power, thus selecting that sick people can have access to them.
  • They test their drugs on animals, but the most serious thing is that they also test the drugs on humans without their consent, for this they use people from poor or developing countries like Africa where they test hiv vaccines with disastrous results and many silenced deaths.
  • They often hide the side effects of medicines, even if they are harmful to health.
  • Raise the prices of drugs already created but slightly modified, and bribe or incentivize doctors to prescribe their drugs.
  • They organize congresses and meetings with patient associations to help them pressure governments to obtain funding to seek more drugs.
  • They take advantage of epidemics like the influenza A fraud, which was shown to be milder than seasonal flu, to sell vaccines by the millions.
  • Promote the need for medication in mild or moderate diseases to prevent their future severity (migraines, anxiety disorders, irritable bowel).
  • They focus on anti-aging drugs rather than investigating diseases that affect vulnerable countries.

In the federation of Associations for the Defense of Public Health, you can document yourself in more detail about this dangerous monopoly with a single interest, to enrich yourself at the expense of your health.

The vaccine is a voluntary act

In Spain, vaccination is a voluntary act.

The Lawyer D. José Ortega Ortega, Collegiate No. 4941 of the Illustrious Bar Association of Valencia, has drafted this document to be shown to anyone who tries to coerce or impose a vaccine in Spanish territory.

The person carrying this document, declares responsibly that, protected by the medical-legal considerations that appear in the opinion attached to this writing, issued by the Lawyer D. José Ortega Ortega, Collegiate No. 4941 of the Illustrious Bar Association of Valencia, I proceed to inform the reader of the same that vaccination is not, nor can it be, mandatory in Spain, indicating, in addition, my refusal to inject any vaccine against COVID-19 based on the aforementioned opinion.

The legal framework, in summary, is as follows:

In the same way, it is reported that, in the event that it is a question of imposing the injection of any vaccine against COVID-19 by any Public Administration or by any private entity, the appropriate legal measures will be taken in the criminal, civil and administrative jurisdictions against whom, with their conduct, violates or tries to violate the will of the undersigned, as well as the regulatory framework referred to in the attached opinion.

I strictly prohibit the use of my personal data, relying on the Data Protection Law.




Video sobre los efectos de la llamada VACUNA para el COVID-19 explicado por Almudena Zaragoza Bióloga.

Publicada por Cáncer Emocional en Domingo, 28 de febrero de 2021

Video on the effects of the so-called VACCINE for COVID-19 explained by Almudena Zaragoza Collegiate Biologist nº col. 19086.

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