Emotional cancer

Emotional cancer, Learn to understand the disease.


  • The web emotional cancer shows with a domestic language the direct relationship between cancer and emotions, food and alternative therapies.
  • We provide additional information to patients or relatives of patients who are looking for answers to the suffering caused by having cancer or other serious diseases.
  • Although no one has the magic formula that makes cancer disappear, we want to open up a range of possibilities to make a change in your life that will help in your healing process.
  • Alternative medicine, healthy eating, dangerous additives that we ingest every day without knowing it, relaxation techniques, studies on the origin of cancer and diseases.
  • We respect the work of doctors and healthcare personnel, as well as respect your decision to follow medical protocol, and we also want to show you the work and trials done by scientists, doctors and altruists to give another approach to what we know as disease.

You have the right to know all the information and then decide which path to take towards your healing.

Is cancer an emotional disease?, find out how the mind can help the body.

Discover the emotional origin of diseases.

This site provides a simple point of view to help you better understand the disease of cancer.

Why does cancer appear?.

Maybe you've asked yourself this question many times trying to find in your answer something with which to fight the disease, it happened to me and I think it's a natural act in anyone who has a serious illness such as cancer.

If you browse the net you can find a thousand and one reasons and I guess in the end you are not clear any concept, all the answers you want to find do not depend on the person who writes them, they only depend on the person who reads them, when you read them and the emotional state at the time of reading them , that is why you will go jumping from page to page until you find the words that give you a relief and marry with your way of seeing things.

I believe that everything you have to know about your disease you carry inside, but for centuries we have left our capacity for intuition and decision in the hands of third parties, that does not allow us to act responsibly because we have our heads full of fears and surely that fear is what makes you follow a single protocol to fight the disease.

Do not feel guilty, it is not about that, I just want you to understand that you have to activate more than one protocol and from here we give you some tools so that you can successfully cope with cancer.



If you just take medication and follow the same daily routine, the disease will be there and assume that it will come back.

How to fight the disease.

In short, if you incorporate a change in your life you will help eliminate the habitat that had served as a breeding ground for the disease.


  • Stabilize your emotions (healthy body healthy mind)
  • Improve your diet (consume fresh products)
  • pend as much time as you need to listen to yourself (relax)
  • Exercise (sport helps oxygenate the blood)
  • Treat yourself one bath of salt a week (helps eliminate toxins)
  • Eliminate sugar from your diet (cancer cells feed on sugar)
A surgical camera inspired by the eye of the morpho butterfly is able to see the infrared signals emitted by the dyes that bind the tumors.

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