Natural liver cleanse

Why Perform a Liver Cleanse

In this post we explain how to perform a natural liver cleanse from your home.

The liver is the organ that is responsible for the cleansing of toxins that reach the blood, most of the enzymes responsible for the different activities of the body are also manufactured, everything depends on the effectiveness of liver function so that all organs function properly.


Having gallstones is the result of overworked liver overload.

Stones can almost always be removed without the need for surgery.

Poor digestion generates toxins and gases that pass into the blood and reach the liver to be managed, which can lead to gallstones.

Although factors that aggravate the problem also influence, such as:

  • Lack of fiber
  • Lack of exercise
  • Excess candida
  • Excess sugars
  • Poor eating habits
  • Obstructed lymphatic system
  • Habitual alcohol consumption

Cleaning the gallbladder of stones can improve liver health and shape the production of bile, which is the fluid stored in the gallbladder responsible for helping the stomach break down fats.

Symptoms of a stressed liver

Many of the detailed symptoms can coincide with another type of pathology, it is better to self-observe and also the assessment of a specialist.

  • Gases
  • Dizziness
  • Jaundice
  • Diabetes
  • Migraines
  • Dry mouth
  • Congestion
  • Clear stools
  • Muscle pain
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Strong body odor
  • Itching on the body
  • Food allergies
  • Recurrent infections
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Sudden mood swings

Ingredients needed for cleaning

  • 6 liters of organic apple juice or liquefied with apple extractor.
  • A bottle of Epson salts (magnesium sulfate) is purchased in pharmacies.
  • Olive oil or sesame oil.
  • A pink grapefruit, you can replace it with orange or fresh lemon in equal parts if you can not stand the grapefruit juice.
  • A serving of brown rice or boiled wild rice without salt, oil or butter.

How to cleanse the liver naturally

Performing a natural liver cleanse is the best way to maintain good health, the gallbladder responsible for managing bile and that can accumulate gallstones due to excess toxins that the liver can not manage.

It is important to follow the instructions of a specialist or trusted medical advisor to effectively clean the gallstones, although it is an easy and inexpensive therapy and can also be performed at home.

You should start with the cleaning on a Monday and finish it on Sunday of that same week, then continue a few days with a healthy diet without any precooked food, fried, sugary, cookies, refined flours, chocolates, tea, coffee, meats, dairy, too many additives, too sweet fruits, white rice, potatoes, or bananas.

The treatment is carried out for a week, although the cleaning itself is done on Sunday morning, it is important to book the weekend of therapy since it is convenient to be in tranquility, have the space and time to be with oneself.

Natural liver cleansing step by step

The cleaning begins on a Monday and ends on Sunday of that same week.

Monday to Friday

  • Buy 6 liters of organic apple juice, take from Monday to Saturday a liter of juice distributed during the day, this causes gallstones to soften. If you have a juice extractor you can blend 2 or three apples and take it 3 to 4 times during the day.
  • While you drink apple juice you can eat a normal diet, although it is better to reduce from the diet; meats, milks, flours, breakfast cookies, butters, cheese, dairy, sausages, cakes, unsmoded nuts.


  • On Saturday morning you can take apple juice, breakfast should be light, take non-sweet fruits, green smoothies is a good alternative or natural fruit juice until noon.


Around 13:00 prepare some brown or wild rice without salt, oils, or butter and some steamed vegetables, you can use a little sea water to give a touch of flavor without abusing or using spices.

From 14:00 in the afternoon you can no longer eat anything to start cleaning.

At 18:00 in the afternoon take the first glass of Epson salts (a teaspoon of dessert with Epson salts in a glass of warm water), the taste is not pleasant at all, a useful way is to drink without breathing while you drink it and so it is not so noticeable.


Until 20:00 in the afternoon you can take the opportunity to listen to music, read a book, meditate or do something that relaxes you and you will have your second glass with Epson with a teaspoon in a glass of warm water.

Around 22:00 hours you must prepare to go to bed, but first you must prepare a glass with half grapefruit juice mixed with half olive oil or sesame,beat it and take it in less than 5 minutes, if you hold your breath you do not notice the flavor so much. Lie down and relax.


  • On Sunday at 6:00 in themorning, take another glass with a teaspoon of Epson salts with warm water and go for a walk or do housework, avoid sitting or lying down for the therapy to be effective.
  • At 8:00 in the morning take the last glass of Epson salts with another teaspoon in a glass of warm water and you are supposed to start needing to go to the bathroom. (If you want you can buy a large strainer to see all the stones that come out of the colon, as you have not ingested anything solid the defecation is liquid and you can see the greenish stones perfectly).
  • When you have already evacuated everything you must break the fast with natural juices or a piece of fruit very well chewed, later you can eat more solids but it is convenient that your diet is light a couple of days to help your liver to overcome.
  • A natural liver cleansing is the equivalent of performing a surgical intervention to remove gallstones, that is why you must take care of yourself in health and take care of your liver, avoid taking excesses of foods that generate work to the liver such as meats, sausages, butters, sugars, foods with many additives, cheeses, animal fats, precooked etc.

During the week

  • Taking care of food is also important to maintain good health.
  • With liver cleansing we also improve the production of bile so necessary for the digestive system.
  • The excess of junk food, especially cookies or breakfast cereals with excess sugars and fats causes candida to develop and contaminate the body giving rise to symptoms and diseases.
  • The colon must be clean to prevent stool from accumulating that lead to health problems, for this we can get used to enemas once a week, a clean colon is necessary to help the lymphatic system eliminate toxins out of the body.
  • Eating too much meat, fat or dairy during the week of cleansing can cause discomfort or pain in the liver area.
  • Avoid drinking drinks or foods that are too cold so as not to strain the functioning of the liver.
  • Also avoid taking medications during liver cleansing unless they are needed.

Infusions that help liver function

Lemon stimulates the production of bile and that causes more toxins to be eliminated.

Mint tea


  1. Boil water for 5 minutes and add some mint leaves, let stand for a while
  2. When warming the infusion, add a little orange juice and lemon juice,
  3. If you want to sweeten you can use natural honey
  4. Take this rich infusion two or three times a day for a week, rest and repeat one week a month to maintain an optimal liver.

Peppermint tea is a natural antioxidant that helps the liver detoxify.

You can prepare a liter of this mint infusion and leave it ready to take warm or cold during the day, it also helps to have a better digestion.


Warm water with lemon


 Take mineral water on an empty stomach and warm it without it becoming hot

  1. Add half a lemon juice and take it, it is better to use straws to prevent the acid from touching the tooth enamel, do not brush your teeth right away, it is better to rinse with water first.


Celery juice


 Take some celery branches and rinse them well

  1. Liquefy, without is with a much better juice extractor, to take on an empty stomach add some lemon juice.
  2. Sip the smoothie in the mouth to help prepare digestive enzymes for the smoothie.

Beetroot juice


  1. Blend a piece of raw beetroot with 1 carrot, a little fresh parsley leaves and mineral water until you find the texture pleasant.
  2. Add half a lemon juice to the smoothie and sip as chewing each drink to prepare the enzymes of the stomach.

Conclusion of a natural liver cleanse

Although you do not present symptoms of having a stressed liver or gallstones, it is recommended to perform a liver cleanse every so often, as well as maintain a clean colon.

Include in your diet foods that help your liver and bile production properly such as garlic, onion, grapefruit, salads, canon, spinach, chicory, dandelion, avocados, turmeric.

A healthy lifestyle implies good health and optimal functioning of the body.



I recommend the book "Liver and Gallbladder Cleansing" by Andreas Moritz.

Our publication NATURAL HEPATIC CLEANING is purely informative and does not replace in any case the medical consultation or advice of a health professional.Nor does it suggest self-diagnosis and self-medication.

The information described is intended only as a general guide and is in no way or form a diagnosis.

Information about liver cleansing is simply a collection of information in the public domain.

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