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Today we talk with Adrián Salgado, expert in colloidal silver and administrator of, with more than 11 years of research on colloidal silver, on his page he collects very interesting data about this product, benefits and applications.

Its website also provides many testimonials that talk about the results of taking colloidal silver to treat symptoms or apply it topically in both animals and people and although we can not ensure that colloidal silver is able to eradicate any ailment or disease, the fact of having access to these testimonies, opens an alternative door to traditional medicine.

Starting November 1, 2021, BioSilver® will be available the colloidal silver generator created by Adrián Salgado..

BioSilver® allows you to generate your own colloidal silver, this small device has alternating polarity to extend the life of the electrodes, agitator to distribute the particles more effectively, automatic stop when it reaches the desired PPM, amperage control, laser to verify that there are particles in suspension and a water purity test that indicates whether or not it is suitable for the process.

With BioSilver® intuitive interface  anyone can become an expert in generating colloidal silver.

Adrián how was your interest in researching this product born and since when?

- I discovered Colloidal Silver 12 years ago, at that time I suffered from atopic dermatitis, and investigating possible natural cures, to avoid creams with corticosteroids. I refused to believe I would have it forever as the dermatologist told me.

Thanks to the Colloidal Silver combined with sea water, reviewing emotional conflicts, in this case of separation, I managed to get rid of Dermatitis.

I have to say that I have never bought commercial colloidal silver, I have made it myself from the first day and seeing how well it worked for me and the amount of properties and benefits it could bring us, to this day I have not stopped researching it and offering it to my family, friends and acquaintances.

What kind of silver should we use to treat health issues?

- The colloidal silver that I consider safest and most effective is the one made by electrolysis at low voltage. Through this method, a part is obtained in the ionic state approx ( 80 %), and another in metal nanoparticles approx (20%).

Using this method of elaboration, it is difficult to exceed 30 ppm, without detracting from the quality of the final product.

So colloidal silver with ppm higher than 30/40ppm, are probably made by other methods. For example, adding silver salts, or silver proteinate etc ... they also market them like this, but I don't recommend them.

What do we have to read on the labels to ensure that we acquire a good product?

- Most manufacturers do not incorporate in their labels as they have elaborated, so to know what you are going to take you must contact the manufacturer to explain their method of elaboration.

Can you differentiate the quality by its appearance?

- The quality of Colloidal Silver is defined by several values:

The method of elaboration, the ppm, the water used, the generator used, (if it has a current limiter, agitator, polarity change, etc.), the purity of the silver electrodes, the size of the nano particles generated,...

In general, and according to my opinion, a quality colloidal silver should be transparent, between 10/15ppm, made by electrolysis at low voltage, and with a generator that incorporates the aforementioned elements.

It is said that taking a lot of silver can cause the skin to turn blue

- If the above indications are followed, and using silver with common sense and adequate doses there is no need to worry at all about suffering Argyria.

It would take a lot of it a day for years for it to happen.

The usual doses are milliliters, a small amount unable to create problems.

Is colloidal silver suitable for all people?

Yes, except those who may be allergic to silver, it is always recommended before taking it for the first time, do an allergy test, placing a few droplets on the forearm and wait a few hours to see if there is a reaction. In more than 12 years that I have been with her, I have not found anyone yet who has caused an allergy.

Are there any special contraindications?

- No, it can be taken even with allopathic medication, but leaving a few hours apart.

There are studies that show that in combination with antibiotics, colloidal silver potentiates them even by 1000 times.

I really think that it is not that it enhances them, but that it is the colloidal silver that takes effect.

- Yes, with very good results.

What dose is universal to start treating common diseases?

- From a silver to 10/15 ppm, for an adult person, the standard dose to help solve a pathology will be 10 ml 3/4 times a day, although depending on the pathology to be treated the dose can be increased or decreased.

If you want to use as maintenance 10 ml a day.

Can you treat with colloidal silver more serious diseases?

- Yes, I attach a couple of articles.

Discovery magazine Issue #154 talks about the efficacy of colloidal silver in cancer treatment

Researchers at the University of Leeds confirm the efficacy of organic molecules with a central silver atom in the treatment of cancer in an innocuous way.

It manages to destroy in vitro the cells that cause colon cancer and breast cancer.


Can you take silver for a long time?

- I recommend using it when needed, but I know people who take the maintenance dose for years, and without any problem, on the contrary, it is difficult for them to catch a cold...

What testimony would you highlight about colloidal silver.

- The truth is that I am surprised by most, there are so many... from chronic cystitis, which did not solve it with anything, a few weeks taking silver and until then cystitis.

Chronic colitis with spectacular improvement in a couple of weeks, kitten eyes that looked like they were going to explode, fully recovered, very ugly wounds, regenerated without infection in record time.

Scarred diabetic ulcers.

Do you want to make any more contributions?

Yes, do not believe me, investigate thoroughly on your own and see for yourself the great benefits of this wonderful product, colloidal silver.

We interviewed Adrián Salgado from the site, an expert in colloidal silver with more than a decade of research.

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