Pine resin how to take

turpentine 100% pure essential oil how to take

The medical use of natural pine resin vwill be determined by the ailment we wish to treat. For example, in cases of skin diseases or rheumatism, it will be enough to apply it in the desired area and in the proportion indicated. For another type of pain such as asthma use it as an expectorant, … Read more

The cure with sea water

Dr. Maria Teresa Ilari Internist, homeopath and floral therapist. Seawater prescriber and international lecturer on the subject. Director of the Santo Domingo Clinic where she has been practicing since 2010 based on the Germanic New Medicine and the 5 Biological Laws discovered by Dr. Hamer. He has given training in different fields of Integrative Medicine, … Read more

Everything you need to know about Ormus

Also called “monatomic gold”, Ormus is a superconductor that is obtained directly from minerals found in seawater, through a process in which all minerals precipitate, thus achieving a high concentration of these. In the process of extracting monatomic gold there are non-visible materials, which pass from the fifth to the third dimension, and can be … Read more

Colloidal Silver for pets, testimonials

Colloidal silver, Testimonies of healing in pets. Colloidal silver for pets is used in dogs and cats of all ages. The best testimonials of pets cured with colloidal silver We cannot assure that colloidal silver cures diseases. However, there are many testimonials of people who have healed diseases of their pets and we want to … Read more

Colloidal Silver as Taking

How to take colloidal silver effectively In this post we show you how to take colloidal silver in different ways. Colloidal silver preparations can be stored for 6 months, not disposed of in any metal container, ensure that it is always in glass to maintain its benefits. How to take colloidal silver effectively: Colloidal silver … Read more

CDS protocols A through Z

Recommendations on the use of CDS CLO2 protocols Guide to taking the CDS protocol. Andreas Kalcker chlorine dioxide acts as an oxidant and has the ability to eliminate viruses, bacteria and heavy metals accumulated in the body, its main characteristic is that it provides a large amount of oxygen to the blood. CDS protocols ordered … Read more

CDS Y combined protocol

Treatment with combined protocol Y Diseases to be treated with the combined protocol Y: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALE) Protocol Y This injectable protocol is reserved to be applied by qualified healthcare professionals. FULL CDS PROTOCOL Y   Tips on the combined protocol Y The protocol to be applied is reserved only for medical professionals and … Read more

CDS P combined protocol

Treatment with the combined protocol P Diseases to be treated with the combined protocol P: Autism Migraine Protocol P Perform an intense deworming. FULL CDS PROTOCOL P   Tips on the combined protocol P

CDS GL combined protocol

Treatment with the combined GL protocol Diseases to be treated with the combined GL protocol: Sarna Protocol G 8 drops of ACTIVATED MMS are used in a glass and placed immediately in the affected area so that the gas acts, keep the glass 3 minutes maximum and repeat every hour if relief is noticed FULL … Read more