CDS medical testimonials for covid-19

testimonios medicos del cds para covid-19

CDS Medical Testimonials for Covid-19 The current pandemic is being very devastating worldwide, not only because of the condition of the covid-19 virus but also because of the way in which organizations, presidents, countries and leaders are managing irresponsibly and dangerously. The social, economic and human havoc that has been caused after decreeing the state of alarm … Read more

MMS against Covid-19

Ecuador uses MMS against covid-19. Ecuador successfully conducts the first clinical trials with CDS, a milder derivative of MMS against Covid-19. The CDS oxidizes the capsule that surrounds the virus, destabilizes its structure and prevents the ability to bind to proteins, acts as an oxygen transporter helping hemoglobin, being faster it reaches the cells quickly … Read more

Natural liver cleanse

Why Perform a Liver Cleanse In this post we explain how to perform a natural liver cleanse from your home. The liver is the organ that is responsible for the cleansing of toxins that reach the blood, most of the enzymes responsible for the different activities of the body are also manufactured, everything depends on … Read more

Colloidal Silver for pets, testimonials

Colloidal silver, Testimonies of healing in pets. Colloidal silver for pets is used in dogs and cats of all ages. The best testimonials of pets cured with colloidal silver We cannot assure that colloidal silver cures diseases. However, there are many testimonials of people who have healed diseases of their pets and we want to … Read more

Colloidal Silver as Taking

How to take colloidal silver effectively In this post we show you how to take colloidal silver in different ways. Colloidal silver preparations can be stored for 6 months, not disposed of in any metal container, ensure that it is always in glass to maintain its benefits. How to take colloidal silver effectively: Colloidal silver … Read more

CDS protocols A through Z

Recommendations on the use of CDS CLO2 protocols Guide to taking the CDS protocol. Andreas Kalcker chlorine dioxide acts as an oxidant and has the ability to eliminate viruses, bacteria and heavy metals accumulated in the body, its main characteristic is that it provides a large amount of oxygen to the blood. CDS protocols ordered … Read more

CDS Y combined protocol

Treatment with combined protocol Y Diseases to be treated with the combined protocol Y: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALE) Protocol Y This injectable protocol is reserved to be applied by qualified healthcare professionals. FULL CDS PROTOCOL Y   Tips on the combined protocol Y The protocol to be applied is reserved only for medical professionals and … Read more

CDS P combined protocol

Treatment with the combined protocol P Diseases to be treated with the combined protocol P: Autism Migraine Protocol P Perform an intense deworming. FULL CDS PROTOCOL P   Tips on the combined protocol P